Tips for Buying an RV With the Right Windows for Your Needs

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Even the simplest things can make a large impact on your road trips, and your RV’s windows are no exception. Don't overlook this small but important detail.

Questions to Ask About Windows When RV Shopping 

If you are shopping for a new RV, you want to give at least a few minutes while shopping to look over an RV’s windows. Here are some of the things you should look for. 

How Much Window is There?

Do you like the interior of your RV to be cave like with minimal windows or would you rather have the entire thing made of glass and always open to the sun? It’s best to have an idea of how much windows and where you would like them in your RV so you don’t end up pining for sunlight or having to buy extra drapes to block everything out.

Are the Windows High Quality? 

You may not think windows are an important part of the RV system, but they can have a large impact on your comfort depending on their quality. Think about where you will be RVing and make sure your windows will match that. If you think you will spend a lot of time in extreme hot or cold, you will need RV windows with high insulation values to keep the inside in and the outside out. Ask your dealer about what the windows are made of and how they stand up for insulation. What type of glass are they constructed of? Are they single or double paned? Are they energy star rated?

The dealer may not know the knowledge off the top of their head, but they should be able to find something that will give you some answers so you can know the quality of windows.

How Do They Fair Against the Sun?

Higher quality windows will do a better job of keeping solar radiation out. Low-quality windows may let in different types of UV radiation that can damage and prematurely age components inside of your RV such as your carpet, upholstery and in the worst-case scenarios could even let UV radiation onto your skin causing sun burning and/or tanning. 

Other Factors 

There are several other factors that may come into play depending on your type of RVing? Will you open the windows often? Do they only open or do they fold out bay style? Will you be able to install after-market products on them? Will they fit into the overall style of your RV?

Tips for Upgrading RV Windows 

You may already have an RV whose windows aren’t quite up to snuff. They could let in too much heat or cold, be flimsy, fog too easily or have other issues, but that’s okay! There are many aftermarket window systems available that can fit almost all RVs on the road. It will likely be easiest to start at the dealership or your local RV store. You can chat with an RVing expert that can help measure your windows and make suggestions on what type of windows would suit your RV and your RVing lifestyle. 

If you don’t have a dealer or store in your area don’t worry, there are many online stores that specialize in aftermarket windows, just do plenty of homework to make sure you get a reliable service. Visit RV forums, talk to other RVers, and make sure you’re investing in the best RV windows for your setup and travel plans.

It goes to show RV windows may be more than meets the eye. Keep an eye on window quality while shopping for a new RV and consider upgrading your windows if they don’t meet your needs. Your RV’s windows are your viewpoint to the world so make sure they’re right for you.

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