RVing Your Way to a Disney World Adventure

An RVer's guide to a Disney World vacation

Disney World
••• RVing to Disney World should be on every family's bucket list. Richard T. Nowitz/Corbis Documentary/Getty Images

It’s the happiest place on earth! Children and Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks can’t get enough of it. We’re talking about Walt Disney World. Disney World is popular for tourists from around the world and RVers as well. Whether you’ve been here before, going for another trip, or want to take a unique family vacation in your recreational vehicle, Disney World is an experience you’ll never forget.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of RVing to Disney and some tips and tricks for taking this trip with your family.

Tips for RVing to Disney World

Disney World is set in the heart of Central Florida in Lake Buena Vista, so unlike navigating through long, boring highways or National Parks, driving to Disney World is not too much of a hassle. The key is to avoid being stuck in the traffic of Interstate 75 south. If it is possible, make your final driving day during the week, not on holidays, and during the night. Electing to hit the road past rush hour can save you gas, time, and frustration. 

Some more tips for RVing to Disney World with your family include:

  • While Disney World is the end game, consider what you’ll see on the journey there. Plan a route that allows you to see what’s along the way and enjoy everything Florida and the surrounding states have to offer.
  • Florida is hot, humid, and muggy almost year-round. Make sure you have a plan in place to stay cool in your RV, whether it’s hookups, propane-power, or a generator.
  • Save money by visiting Disney World during the fall and winter months. The summer months are the worst time to visit Disney World because that’s when everyone from around the world wants to visit Epcot.

Where to Stay at Disney World

A crucial component of your RV trip to Disney World is choosing where to stay.

We will look at the drawbacks and benefits of camping right in the park compared to staying in a nearby campground or RV park. 

RV Parking Inside Disney World 

If you want to pull right up to Disney World, you can choose to camp inside the Magic Kingdom. Disney provides 750 acres of campground and hundreds of spaces at their Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground. Fort Wilderness has all the amenities you would expect from an RV resort such as laundry facilities, full hookups, and a myriad of other guest services. You also get many services that are unique to Disney, such as childcare facilities and shuttles to different areas of the park. 

If you are tired of the crowds inside the park or feel like you’ve seen everything, Fort Wilderness has its own set of recreational activities, including fishing, kayak rentals, pony rides, archery classes, and even holiday sleigh rides. Site rates are higher than average but fair with full hook up sites starting at $60 and up a night. 

Pro Tip: Disney World provides a variety of transportation options for RVers, campers, and travelers in the area. If you stay at an RV park hosted by Disney World, you’ll have access to these transportation options and will avoid renting a car.

RV Parking Near Disney World

If you plan to be at Disney World for several nights, then the price might seem a little steep for you. Luckily, there are several sites available in the nearby Kissimmee or Orlando areas. These sites will have all the amenities you need and are only a short drive to not only Disney World but Universal Studios and Legoland as well. By choosing a site outside of the resort, you will not only save on nightly rates but also be able to save money on dining and shop for necessities. 

Parks outside the resort tend to be less busy, so you’re better able to enjoy quiet nights after long days. It also a better way to restock on supplies, skirt around resort traffic, and enjoy the other activities built into Central Florida. If you want to stay out of the fray of Disney World itself, staying outside the park can be an excellent way to give your family a taste of everything Florida has to offer, not just Disney World.

Three of my favorite RV parks and campgrounds in the Disney World area are:

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Disney World by itself is a magical place for families to create memories for a lifetime. Imagine going there by RV, seeing everything along the way, and having a family vacation that eclipses anything you can dream of in the Magic Kingdom.