Making the Most of Taking an RV to Music Festivals

Tips and tricks to increase your fun and save money

Women at Stagecoach Music Festival walking next to RVs

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Music and fun are the two main ingredients it takes to make a music festival. They often involve camping, which makes them perfect for RVers. After a crazy day of dancing, singing, and enjoying the atmosphere, you can just shuffle back to your outfitted RV.

So, what is RVing to a music festival like? We have some advice on how to make the most out of RVing to your favorite music festivals with some tips, tricks, and ideas. 

What to Know About RVing to Music Festivals

RVing to a music festival, like RVing to any destination, is all about proper planning. Your first step is to, of course, check to see if the festival hosts RVs. Most major music festivals have their own RV parks and grounds, but some smaller ones may only allow tent camping. Before you book your tickets and gas up the RV, make sure you can get your rig in.

If you know that you’ll be able to RV into the festival, you may need to do some further research. How big are the spaces? Can your RV fit? What type of utility hookups, if any, will the RV grounds provide?

Again, every festival is different, and while some may provide utility hookups and a set pad for you, chances are your spot may just be a patch of grass without any sort of utility or amenity you’re accustomed to.

It’s best to know that you need to prepare for a dry camping experience beforehand unless you want to roll up then head back out again because you’re not prepared for the experience. 

Planning Your Music Festival RV Trip

Once you know what type of RV parking is available and what amenities you have for your site, you need to start prepping. This may include packing food, drinks, personal items, or anything else you’ll need for one day or even a week-long stay. Just like prepping for an RV trip, it helps to know what will be available to you so you can know what to pack beforehand: plan menus, plan for snacks, and plan on where everybody is going to sleep in the RV. 

Also, like prepping for any other trip, it will help to factor in the environment when planning your trip. If you’re going to be at a music festival during the summer, chances are you will need to pack extra sets of light clothes and extra water. If you know the festival will be particularly hot, have your RV’s air conditioning unit checked. If you know you will be dry camping but need your amenities, make sure that your generator is ready to go if generators are allowed. 

RV Music Festival Bonus Tips and Tricks 

  • RV passes are often much more expensive than camping passes. You will be much more comfortable in an RV, but weigh the negatives of cost against the positives of convenience to make your decision.
  • Know the festival or park’s rules about using generators. Make sure you are clear on the park or festival’s RV rules and regulations unless you want to find yourself kicked out early. 
  • Find an RV service center close to the festival should anything go wrong on your ride. 
  • Get there early.

The more planning, prepping, and research you do, the more likely your trip will go off without a hitch. So try RVing to a music festival to experience live music and good times right from the front porch of your RV.