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Melissa Popp is a freelance writer with more than a decade of experience. When not working, Melissa enjoys spending time outdoors, visiting the mountains in Colorado, and taking part in her newfound love of snowboarding.


For more than 20 years, Melissa has been fascinated with the idea of packing it all up and leaving the traditional concept of home behind her. When she was little, some of her best memories grew out of slumber parties with her aunt and uncle in their RV. She found herself captivated by these "mini-homes" on wheels.

Combining the great outdoors and writing is easy to do. Since she writes on the go, Melissa has been able to pick up and go as she pleases. This has led to many moves, several states and a lot of experience in seeing things the average American dreams of accomplishing in life. 

In addition to writing about RV travel and road tripping here at TripSavvy, Melissa is a Content Strategist who works with a variety of small businesses in the Midwest along with the startup community in Denver. She is the Director of Digital Engagement for Denver-based Altitude Agency, a digital marketing boutique focused on winning with content. She's spent the last six years as a Senior Writer for and covers CES every year for the site. As you can see, it's about time she started writing about road trips.

Melissa founded in 2016 with her colleague Stuart Webb to help RVers find better ways to follow NASCAR across the country in RVs.

Melissa also contributes to RVwithMe, RV Rentals Guide and in Lippert Component's RV Open Road magazine. She's also a member of the Professional Travel Bloggers Association.



Melissa studied Comparative Literature and Journalism in college before taking a year off to find herself. During that year, she discovered the world of freelancing and never looked back. More than a decade later, Melissa now pairs her love of the great outdoors, camping and RVing with what she does professionally.

Melissa Popp

Everyone has something that captures his or her imagination outdoors. Whether it's going for a short walk in your own neighborhood or taking an expensive, all-inclusive destination vacation, you can find inspiration starting at a home. RVing is more than just a lifestyle or something you do on weekends, it something that becomes part of who you are.

If you haven't found what makes you tick away from home, RVing is the start. Join me for that adventure.

If you want to contact me, feel free to email me at I can't respond to everyone, but I will do my best.

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