Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About RV Types

Pros, cons, and more on most RV types

Ready to buy your first RV or give RVing a try? I bet you’re confused by all the recreational vehicles on the market. If you’re not sure which one is right for you, this guide will breakdown and lead you to more information on all the RVs out there.

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    Motorhomes are the biggest and baddest RVs on the market. David Morgan/E+/Getty Images

    Motorhomes are the bread and butter of the RV industry. They’re the biggest, baddest and most expensive on the market, next to toterhomes. Motorhomes offer three classes: A, B, B+, and C. Each has its own pros and cons for RVers.

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    Toterhomes offer the ultimate living experience on and off the road. Kenworth

    Toterhomes are motorhomes that are some of the most expensive in the world. These can cost upwards of half a million dollars and are homes on wheels. These are fully loaded from top to bottom and cab some of the most luxurious rides on and off the road.

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    Diesel Pushers

    Diesel pushers
    Diesel pushers are Class A motorhomes, offering power and speed no matter the destination. Jill Fromer/E+/Getty Images

    Diesel pushers, are also motorhomes, with the engine in the rear offering some of the biggest RVs on the market. Like toterhomes, they’re expensive and made for those looking to live life on the road. Deisel pushers were designed for RVers looking to hit the road for long, punishing road trips.

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    Travel Trailers

    Travel trailers
    Travel trailers are the most popular option when buying an RV for families. Arpad Benedek/E+/Getty Images

    Travel trailers are the go-to RV for those looking to get started RVing. They range in size from small to large, offer a variety of amenities and are towed giving potential RVers an easier way to hit the road on a budget. Travel trailers are one of the most popular RV options available.

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    Expandable Travel Trailers

    Expandable travel trailers
    Expandable travel trailers give you everything you could want and more space. Jayco

    Expandable travel trailers are a hybrid between the traditional travel trailer and pop up campers. These travel trailers range in size and luxuries, but they offer pop ups that give you more room once parked. These trailers are often bought with the intention to settle down for months at a time.

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    5th Wheels

    5th wheel RVs
    5th wheel RVs are a great option if you want a bigger rig and more control on the road. Steve Shephard/E+/Getty Images

    5th wheel RVs, like travel trailers, offer the same size and features as most other RVs on the market. They’re often wider and use a fifth wheel for towing which allows them to carry more weight and be easier to control on the road. 5th wheels are a step up from travel trailers if you're not ready to buy a motorhome just yet.

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    Toy Haulers

    Toy haulers
    Toy haulers give you creature comforts and your toys when RVing. Jayco

    Toy haulers are the best of both worlds for adventurous RVers. They’re often fifth wheel RVs or travel trailers that feature storage for everything from motorcycles to ATVs to jet skis and more. This allows you to bring your toys on any RV trip, no matter what you love to enjoy the best.

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    Campers are easy to tow, offer the space you need, and let you stay closer to nature. Rolf Hicker/All Canada Photos/Getty Images

    Campers are often one of the best ways to get started RVing. Whether it’s a truck camper, pop up camper or something between, these offer the basic idea of what RVing is like, along with towing which can make or break the RV experience. Campers are a great way to enjoy RVing without the price tag of higher end rigs.

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    Vans are a compromise between motorhomes, trailers, and 5th wheel RVs. Jordan Siemens/Taxi/Getty Images

    Camper vans were once more popular than they are today. Brands like Winnebago pioneered the camper or conversion van. These vans convert once parked to offer living space, toilets and other functionality for RVers. Vans are a great way to get some of the space you need on and off the road without buying a motorhome or larger trailer.

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    Teardrop Trailers

    Teardrop trailers
    Teardrop trailers offer a bit of creature comfort without being tied to a larger RV. Michael Westhoff/E+/Getty Images

    Teardrop trailers are one of the more creative ways to RV without living the RV lifestyle with many luxuries once parked. They can offer shelter and storage but often not much more. The can be towed by everything from motorcycles to cars and can be completely customized. Teardrop trailers are one of the most popular options for RVers who like it a bit rough during travels.

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    Horse Trailers

    Horse trailers
    Horse trailers can bring you and your horse anywhere in the country in comfort. Echo/Cultura/Getty Images

    Horse trailers are a combination between the travel trailer and horse storage on the road. They offer room for humans and horses. Horse trailers have grown in popularity in the last few years, offering luxury accommodations for people and horses alike. Horse trailers are growing in popularity in North America and beyond.

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    Ice Fishing RVs

    Ice fishing RVs
    Ice fishing RVs are specially designed for cold weather fishing trips. Steve Bonini/UpperCut Images/Getty Images

    Ice fishing RVs were custom-built RVs, salvaging what was saved and salvaged from old travel trailers. They feature a hole that is uncovered over ice to allow for fishing, along with everything you’d expect in a motorhome, fifth wheel or travel trailer. Ice fishing RVs aren't as popular as they used to be but they're unique nevertheless.

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    Park Models

    Park model RVs
    Park model RVs give you a little more taste of home when RVing. Silvercrest

    Park model RVs aren’t that mobile but they can be. They’re more portable home than travel trailer, but they offer the same luxuries a motorhome or trailer would have for travelers. Park models can be towed, making them an anomaly stuck between trailer parks and RV resorts across the nation.

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    Airstream is an iconic trailer, and those that love this brand stay with them for life. Jacob Davies/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

    Airstream is one of the most recognized RV brands in the world. Featured in TV, movies, and more, they specialize in the silver bullet of the trailer world. They have a cult following among fans, with RVers restoring the iconic Airstreams across the world.

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    Winnebagos are one of the longest lasting RV and trailer brands on the market. Winnebago

    Winnebago, another iconic RV band, pioneered the concept of motorhomes in the modern era. Winnebago became synonymous with the term motorhome, although nowadays they’ve ventured into everything from fifth wheels to travel trailer models.

Information overload, yet? There are many RVs to choose from when you are looking for what makes your travels easier for you and your family. Hopefully, this guide helps you understand the different RVs so you can pinpoint what works best for your next adventure.