Halfway Between: How to Find Road Trip Stopover Spots

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Do you love road trips? The call of the open road and endless horizons stretched out before you are certainly appealing, but even diehard road trippers need to stop sometime. The question is where, and what will you do when you reach that place?

It turns out there's an app for that, as well as several websites. The basic premise is simple: Use GPS direction-finding data to choose the best route between two points, find the halfway point that's near a city or large town, and serve up information on lodging, dining, and sightseeing choices. 

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Whatshalfway is a website that will give you not only your route's halfway point but also suggestions for places to stay, restaurants, and things to do near that spot. Whatshalfway includes maps and data for more than 45 countries, making it a great resource for international travelers. Once you've found a halfway point, you can look for all points of interest or filter for lodging, dining, cultural attractions, shopping, and more. You can also add more people to the halfway point search so that you can find a meetup spot that works best for all of you, or create a trip plan with Whatshalfway's journey planner.

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GeoMidpoint will calculate the midpoint between two places for you. If you're looking for a meetup location, GeoMidpoint's "Let's Meet in the Middle" tool will help you select a geographic midpoint (halfway point as the crow flies) or route halfway point, using two or more addresses. GeoMidpoint links to Google Maps and its associated restaurant reviews, in case you would like to arrange a meetup at a restaurant.

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You can use the MeetWays website to find a halfway point between two addresses. This function works in approximately 150 countries. In addition, MeetWays helps you find points of interest near your meetup location in more than 30 countries. The MeetWays website includes a handy list of halfway points between major U.S. cities. For smartphone and tablet users, MeetWays offers a mobile version of its website. 

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Travelmath will appeal to travelers who like to plan all aspects of their trips. Plug in your two departure cities and Travelmath will give you the route halfway point. You can also get flight times and distances, information about the cost of driving, a fly vs. drive cost comparison, and other data that will help you choose not only the best stopover point but also the best way to get from Point A to Point B. Interestingly, Travelmath has an "islands" feature that includes an island map, flight information, and latitude and longitude.

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