How to Rent an RV for Next to Nothing

Get a Cheap or Free RV With Transfercar

RV Road Trip

Dream of taking your family on an RV road trip, but daunted by sky-high rental costs? A new website may be the ticket to an affordable RV vacation. Transfercar offers the opportunity for savvy families to take an RV road trip for next to nothing. 

The company delivers a nice win-win for both rental car companies needing to transfer cars, camper vans and RVs from location A to B and drivers looking for a way to cut travel costs.

How Transfercar Works

As this video from Transfercar explains, rental car companies typically spent lots of money moving their fleet of vehicles to locations where demand is greater. Instead of having to hire trucks, trains or professional drivers to relocate their inventory, rental car companies can partner with Transfercar to connect vehicles that need to be moved with travelers willing to drive them in exchange for as little as $5. 

Families and other travelers can check the site's interactive map and find the routes where drivers are needed. Vehicle models include a variety of cars, camper vans and RVs. 

Don't see an available route that works for you? Keep checking back, as new opportunities pop up on a near-daily basis.