The Stanley Park Ghost Train

Family-Friendly Halloween Fun at This Vancouver Attraction

Vancouver's Stanley Park Ghost Train
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Vancouverites love Halloween, going all out for the spooky holiday, with lots of attractions throughout the city for Halloween-lovers of all ages. From the genuinely scary to wholesome family activities, Vancouver's top Halloween attractions cover every age and interest.

For younger kids, the most popular attraction (which parents and older kids will love, too) is the Stanley Park Ghost Train. Every October, Stanley Park's famous Miniature Train transforms into the Ghost Train: a Halloween-themed ride that takes you on a magical journey through the nighttime forest, past live-action tableaux and themed decorations that provide (gentle) thrills and surprises.

The theme for the Stanley Park Ghost Train changes every year; for 2017, the theme is Alien Invasion. According to the website, "be prepared to be abducted to an unearthly, fantastical, and strange world." Whatever the theme, expect ambitious and incredibly imaginative set pieces.

The Stanley Park Ghost Train runs October 13 - 31, 2017.

Getting to the Stanley Park Miniature Train

The Stanley Park Miniature Train is situated in Stanley Park off Pipeline Road. You can bike or walk from downtown, heading west along W Georgia St., or you can take the #19 Bus to the Stanley Park Loop. For drivers, enter via W Georgia St. and then follow signs for the Train; there are pay parking areas just outside the Miniature Train entrance.

Buying Tickets for the Stanley Park Ghost Train

Although you can purchase same-day tickets for the Train on-site, those tickets can sell out quickly. If possible, purchase your tickets in advance online via the Stanley Park Ghost Train site or in-person at Ticketmaster.

What to Expect at the Stanley Park Ghost Train

The Stanley Park Ghost Train ride is only one activity on-site at the grounds surrounding the Miniature Train. When you enter the grounds, you'll see kids' activities, a Haunted Castle, craft areas, some refreshments (usually just hot chocolate and cookies), and a place for face-painting. The train ride itself is about 20 minutes, so the rest of the evening can be spent exploring the other activities. When you buy tickets for this event, you're buying them for the train ride itself; the other activities are free or by-donation.

Kids are encouraged to come in costume! (Remember: Dress warmly for the train ride; nights can be cold.)

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