September in Vancouver

Weather, What to Pack, and What to See

Bard on the Beach
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The weather in Vancouver is unpredictable in September. As far as major Canadian cities go, Vancouver is known to have year-round moderate temperatures contrasted by dull skies, fog, and sometimes seemingly endless rain. If you're familiar with what weather is like in the Pacific Northwest cities of Seattle or Portland, well, Vancouver is very similar. It can get somewhat dreary, but, you can have some really gorgeous days, too.

Since it is tough to forecast, it can make packing for your trip more difficult. The best course of action is to plan to dress in layers and bring rain-resistant wear.

Vancouver Weather in September

September is one of Vancouver's best month's temperature-wise, hopefully, mild and clear skies; but, be prepared for wet, dull, and gray skies.​ The average temperature in September is 58 F. The average high can reach 65 F, and the average low goes down to about 50 F. In a city that is famous for its rain, September is not the rainiest by far. You can expect about eight days, or about one-quarter of the month, to be rainy.

What to Pack

Consider when you are packing that Vancouver is a laid-back city, more partial to socks and sandals than high heels and stockings. Residents are generally an active bunch that dresses in sportswear.

Bring warm, waterproof clothing including sweaters and a jacket for the cooler evenings. Pack closed-toe shoes, although sandals are possible during the day. For rainy days, bring an umbrella. And, remain optimistic for those sunny days, bring a sunhat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

September Events in Vancouver

  • Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival: In Vancouver from May until the end of September, you can enjoy a Shakespearean performance against a natural backdrop of sea, sky, and mountains.
  • Vancouver Fringe FestivalThe Vancouver Fringe is a celebration of all kinds of theatre. The Mainstage shows are literally drawn out of a hat, giving all artists, from novice to veteran, a chance to participate. The Fringe presents live unjuried, uncensored theatre in an accessible and informal environment. All artists receive 100 percent of regular box office revenues generated during the festival.
  • Vancouver International Film Festival: From the end of September into the first two weeks of October, the film festival will screen more than 300 films from scores of countries. Films span fiction, documentary, and genre-defying categories. 

September Travel Tips

  • The first Monday of September is the Labor Day holiday. Banks and most stores will be closed. Expect crowds.
  • If you want to see the beauty of Vancouver and save some money, one of the best free things to do is to head to Stanley Park to walk around the seawall or even visit one of the many Vancouver beaches. Stanley Park has much to offer children from kiddie driving lessons to a farmyard to a free water park.
  • If your trip spans from the end of August into September or is at the tail end of the month with part of your trip in October, there are plenty of activities in those months, too.
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