Canada's Longest Pool: Kitsilano Pool in Vancouver, BC

The Best Public Swimming Pool in Vancouver, BC

Kits Pool
••• Kits Pool, Vancouver. Image Courtesy of Tourism Vancouver/ Kitsilano Chamber of Commerce

Vancouver is a city that loves to swim, especially outdoors in the summer. While there are indoor public swimming pools open year-round in Vancouver, there are five outdoor public pools that open just for summer (usually mid-May to early-September, depending on the weather) that are fabulous venues for locals and visitors alike. 

Two pools stand-out for visitors because of their striking settings: Second Beach Pool, on the water in Stanley Park, and Kitsilano Pool, known as "Kits Pool" to locals.

If you can only visit one swimming pool in Vancouver, it should be Kits Pool. It is the zenith, the sight to see, the pool.

Situated on the water in the heart of Kitsilano, the Kits Pool stretches out along the water, an extension of Kitsilano Beach (one of Vancouver's Top 5 Beaches). At 137 meters (150 yards), it’s Canada’s longest pool—almost three times longer than an Olympic pool—and Vancouver’s only heated salt water pool.

With its white bottom and turquoise water and its spectacular views--of the ocean, the mountains, Kits Beach, and the skyline of Vancouver’s West End glittering across English Bay--Kits Pool is a vacation destination unto itself, and just stepping through the gates feels like an escape.

To accommodate every type of pool-goer, the pool is divided into three sections, each running lengthwise: a shallow section for families and small children, a middle section of roped-off lanes for lap swimmers and exercises (the lifeguards are tenacious in keeping the lanes clutter--and kid—free), and a deep end for more casual adult and teen bathers.

Getting to Kitsilano Pool

Kits Pool is located at 2305 Cornwall Avenue, between Yew St. and Balsam St. It’s part of the Kitsilano Beach park, and drivers can park at one of the beach’s pay parking lots for easy access.


Kits Pool is open from mid-May - mid-September. Times vary by month, so check the Vancouver Park Board Kitsilano Pool schedule for hours of operation.

Making the Most of Your Visit

It's easy to combine a trip to Kits Pool with a trip to Kits Beach (aka Kitsilano Beach), neighboring Vanier Park, or the kid-friendly Vancouver Maritime Museum; all are within walking distance of Kits Beach and Kits Pool.

After or before your swim, you can also walk to Kitsilano's W 4th Avenue, for dining and shopping: Shopping & Dining on Kitsilano's W 4th Avenue.