April in Vancouver: Weather, What to Pack, and What to See

Lost Lagoon Fountain in Vancouver's Stanley Park

Brian Stablyk / Photographer's Choice RF / Getty Images

With the spring flowers in bloom and the sun finally beginning to emerge after months of grayness, April is a fantastic month to visit the city of Vancouver, Canada. Locals emerge out onto the streets as if waking up from hibernation, and the parks begin to fill up with families, rollerbladers, dog owners, and people who just want to enjoy the sunshine.

While it is spring and the weather is significantly better than March, you are still in the Pacific Northwest and rain is to be expected. But as long as you come prepared and pack some water-resistant clothing, you should have no problem enjoying Vancouver's many outdoor offerings, such as Stanley Park or the panoramic hiking trails all around the region.

Vancouver Weather in April

As with much of the Pacific Northwest, April is a wet month in Vancouver. If you're visiting during this month, expect cloudy days and a near-constant drizzle over the city. However, Vancouver isn't nearly as cold as cities in Eastern Canada, like Montreal or Toronto, which may still be experiencing snow storms throughout April. And even though rain is typical, the likelihood of precipitation decreases drastically throughout the month. If you're visiting at the end of April, there's a good chance you'll catch some beautiful spring weather.

  • Average Daily High: 56 degrees Fahrenheit (13 degrees Celsius)
  • Average Daily Low: 43 degrees Fahrenheit (6 degrees Celsius)
  • Average Number of Days With Rain: 12 days

April is a month where the climate rapidly changes, so expect lower temperatures and more rain at the beginning of the month and warmer sunnier days as you get closer to May. Regardless of what part of the month you visit, you should always be prepared for a chance of rain. Vancouver's precipitation is more about a persistent dampness as opposed to on-and-off downpours, but you'll still want to be prepared for rain.

What to Pack

You're not likely to come across extremely cold or hot weather in Vancouver in April, but you'll still want to pack for a wide range of temperatures. Nights and mornings can be particularly chilly—especially when there is wind and rain—so at least one winter jacket is recommended. But you'll also want to pack layers that are easy to remove in case you're lucky enough to get some warm spring days of sunshine—T-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, sweaters, and comfortable jeans.

Most importantly, you'll want something water-resistant. A waterproof jacket or parka that you can throw over your other layers will be necessary for walking around Vancouver. Close-toed shoes are the best for exploring the city. Water-resistant shoes are ideal if you have them, otherwise, make sure to pack enough socks so you aren't stuck walking around with damp feet. Even when it's rainy, temperatures are usually comfortable enough to be outside, and true Vancouverites don't let a little rain get in the way of their daily plans. With a quality jacket and umbrella, you'll be able to enjoy Vancouver rain or shine.

April Events in Vancouver

By April, spring has sprung in Vancouver and locals are ready to get back out and celebrate with outdoor activity and cultural festivals. In 2021, some events may be canceled or postponed so be sure to check the organizer's official websites for the latest details.

  • Vancouver Sun Run: Canada's largest and North America's second-largest 10K run takes place each year on the third Sunday in April. It's a city-wide event, so even if you aren't running, expect busier traffic than normal. In 2021, the race will be held virtually.
  • Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival: This annual event celebrates the blossoming of local cherry trees while educating and actively engaging diverse communities in local arts and culture to celebrate the fragile beauty of the iconic cherry blossom. In 2021, the festival's programming will be broadcast virtually.
  • Earth Day: Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 each year, and since Vancouver is consistently ranked as one of the greenest cities in the world, there's no better place to enjoy this holiday. Party for the Planet in nearby Surrey is a popular event that will be held virtually in 2021.
  • Vancouver Opera Festival: To add a bit of culture to your trip, check out this annual festival at the beautiful Vancouver Opera House celebrating the current season and upcoming shows. The 2021 iteration of this festival has not been rescheduled.

April Travel Tips

  • Since April is considered shoulder tourist season, it's an ideal time to visit. The weather is warming up and since you're arriving before the high season of summer, you should be able to score great deals on travel and accommodations.
  • April is the beginning of whale watching season for the resident orcas around Vancouver. Since it's early in the season, look for tour companies that offer a free second tour guarantee in case you don't see any whales on the first trip.
  • If you're into alpine sports, April is one of the best months for skiing and snowboarding around Vancouver. Grouse Mountain is a local favorite that's located only 20 minutes from downtown.