New Jersey's Most Over-The-Top Foods

Jersey Smore

Danielle Berman 

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Overloaded Oreo Bagel

Bagel Nook Oreo Bagel


If you're wondering just how you'd be able to fit this "breakfast" treat in your mouth (or stomach for that matter), you're not alone. This beauty is called the "Overloaded Oreo Bagel" and can be purchased at Freehold's ​The Bagel Nook. A chocolate-swirl bagel hugs 3-4 actual, full Oreo cookies and Oreo cream cheese. Move over, rainbow bagel trend (though the Nook sells those too)! The creativity doesn't stop with this behemoth; try the Fruity Pebbles bagel or perhaps a plain bagel with Maple Bacon or Jalapeno Cheddar cream cheese if you're feeling something a bit less saccharine. Bonus for those of you nowhere near Jersey: Order them up on Goldbely51 Village Center Dr, Freehold

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Fat Sandwiches

RU Hungry

RU Hungry

​Speaking of Fat Sandwiches, it all began at Jersey's own Rutgers University in 1979 at a "grease truck", now aptly named "RU Hungry". The original sandwich consisted of two cheeseburgers with lettuce, tomato, and yes, french fries on the sandwich. In 1997, a student by the name of Darrell Butler approached the truck with a proposal to create his own sandwich consisting of (you might want to sit down - or run to New Brunswick), chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, french fries, marinara sauce, lettuce, and tomato -- the Fat Darrell. Now, in order to coin your own sandwich, you'd have to scarf down 5 sandwiches in 45 minutes. Worth the pain to be immortalized on a grease truck menu? Maybe. On a diet? Don't fret: order a "Fat Salad". 159 College Ave., New Brunswick

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Italian Rainbow Doughnut

Italian Doughnut

Boozy Burbs

Everyone's favorite Italian Rainbow Cookie (let's be real, it's the best of the bunch in the cookie tray at your aunt's holiday party) is now a doughnut, courtesy of Glaze Donuts in Wayne, New Milford, and Hackensack. While only available Friday through Sunday and priced at $4.95, it's the ultimate weekend "Treat Yo'Self" indulgence. The doughnut's built with 3 layers (red, white, green) of cake dough mixed with almond flour and almond flavoring, filled with marzipan and raspberry jelly, and topped with chocolate and chocolate sprinkles.

The shop features other Italian specialty doughnuts as well: the Italian Pignoli variety is a "marzipan cake doughnut filled with cannoli cream and topped with vanilla frosting and toasted pine nuts", the Calzonut is "filled with ricotta and mozzarella ​cheese and submerged in honey and cinnamon simple syrup mix". You're probably saying to yourself, "What the heck?" Well, guess what? That's the name of another doughnut on the menu: it's a "Kronut filled with Alpine cream, dulce de leche glaze, and topped with vanilla cookie crunch". See website for address information

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Sideshow Shakes

Coney Waffle Shakes

Coney Waffle

Mind = blown? It's difficult not to chuckle at the wow-factor of Coney Waffle's Sideshow Shakes. Primarily known for their waffles filled with cannoli cream (delicious, and perhaps better than the shakes), or ice cream, the shop is building up a demand for these crazy concoctions through Instagram and social media in general. People, there is a full-on ice cream sandwich stuck on there, a jumbo gummy bear, cotton candy, lollipops, even a freakin' Stroopwafel! One of these will set you back about $18, but you'll want to share. They even supply a bowl to dismantle the shake and collect all of that candy you'll want to take with you. 803 Ocean Avenue, Belmar

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Da Hora

Da Hora

Da Hora

If we're talking "over-the-top", we couldn't round out the list without an appearance from a Brazilian food. The mere existence of the "Rodizio" concept--waiters marching out from the kitchen to present you with all kinds of meats one after another, until you're full to the brim--is absurd, but absurdly delicious. So are the Brazilian sandwiches at Altas Horas Lanches in Newark's Ironbound section, open 24 hours for those late night cravings or drunk-after-the-club runs. The eatery's signature sandwich Da Hora is epic: chicken breast, hamburger, sirloin steak, bacon, mozzarella, egg, lettuce, tomato, corn, and mayonnaise, all between a regular hamburger bun (albeit quite large). Also indulgent is a Brazilian treat called a brigadeiro - cocoa mixed with evaporated milk to form a ball, dipped in chocolate sprinkles. Another option is "Sawdust" - thick vanilla cream, layered with crushed up vanilla wafers - a classic Brazilian dessert. 266 Ferry St, Newark

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Jersey Smore
Danielle Berman

S'Monsters by The Jersey S'more Company are available at one of North Jersey's treasured coffee shops, The Fine Grind in Little Falls (and soon to be Wayne) for $5 per piece, or can be ordered by contacting the owners through Facebook. This sweet, gooey treat is a "s'mores with a twist". Milky, creamy marshmallow is sandwiched between two soft graham cracker-flavored cookies, dredged in chocolate, and topped with anything sweet treat or decoration you can dream of from M&Ms (pictured) to Reese's Pieces to graham cracker crumbs or a message to a loved one. 101 Newark Pompton Turnpike, Little Falls

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Chonut, Kimchi Smoke

Kimchi Smoke

This award-winning sandwich from Kimchi Smoke is called the Chonut. The menu dubs it "100% Ridiculousness" and we think you'll agree. Chef Robert Austin Cho took Smoked Brisket, Smoked Kimchi, Fatboy BCS, bacon, cheese, and scallions and sandwiched it all between a sliced glazed donut ($15), creating the perfect salty/sweet combination. A side, you say? Try the Kimchi Loaded Fries if you still have room. It's a Jersey favorite. 301 Center Ave., Westwood

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CinnaCRUNCH Frosted Fries

CinnaCRUNCH Fries


Another genius salty/sweet combination comes to us from Callahan's, and surprisingly it's not a hot dog. CinnaCRUNCH Frosted Fries (french fries covered in cinnamon sugar and doused with vanilla frosting) are just one of the many fry varieties and creative offerings. The Truffle Mac and Cheese Ball Burger recently featured on Buzzfeed Food, will probably gain you a couple of pounds just by looking at it: beef stuffed with smoked gouda mac and cheese, bacon, and white truffle oil, breaded, and fried. 10 Broad St., Norwood

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The Mt. Olympus Burger

The Mt. Olympus Burger

Burger Conquest

A 50-lb burger exists. Its name is Mt. Olympus, it lives at the Clinton Station Diner, and is waiting for you to try to devour it in less than 3 hours with 4 friends. If you can do it, it's free. Same goes for all of the "lower level" burgers, but with different time and people restrictions based on the size: the Zeus is 7 lbs, the Atlas is 3 lbs, Hercules is 2 lbs, and Achilles is 1 lb. When you think about the fact that a small child could be about 50 lbs, it puts it all into perspective. Rt 173 & Bank Street, Clinton

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