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Pittsburgh International Airport

1000 Airport Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15231, USA
Phone +1 412-472-3525

The Pittsburgh International Airport is one of the world's most modern airport terminal complexes. Opened in 1992, the airport sits on 12,900 acres and offers travelers shopping and dining options as well as a number of amenities from complimentary Wi-Fi to a post office.

Airport Code, Location, and Contact Information

The Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) operates over 500 flights per week with non-stop service to 50 destinations as of January 2021.

Know Before You Go

The Pittsburgh International Airport is actually made up of two separate terminal buildings (the Landside Terminal and the Airside Terminal) connected by two underground tramways. Both passenger buildings at the Pittsburgh Airport feature high speed, automated walkways, escalators, elevators, and people movers.

The People Mover, or subway train, arrives at the Airside Terminal on the lower level. An escalator then leads up two levels to the Airside Core. The retail mall and all four jet concourses are located on this level. A passenger information center is located right in the center of the terminal flanked on each side by video banks that provide up-to-date arrival and departure information.

For travelers with autism or other developmental challenges, the Pittsburgh Airport offers a solution to the stress of air travel with Presley's Place, a sensory-friendly space near Gate 9. Not only does this area feature soundproof spaces and adjustable lighting, but there is also a realistic airplane cabin that can help travelers with special needs acclimate to the flying experience before boarding.

Pittsburgh International Airport Parking

Parking at the Pittsburgh International Airport isn't a hassle. A covered garage offers convenient access to the airport and protection for your car from the elements. Large long-term parking lots offer easy access to the airport via covered moving walkways and free luxury shuttle buses. Almost 10,000 available parking spaces make it easy to find a parking spot and the lots and garage are all paved, fully-illuminated, and offer disabled access. 

  • Short-Term Parking Garage: The short-term parking garage is ideal for dropping off and picking up travelers and for stays of under 24 hours. It is especially nice during bad weather and when you are running late for a flight.
  • Long-Term Parking Lot: An alternative to the more expensive parking garage, especially since a covered moving walkway connects it directly with the Landside Terminal.
  • Gold Key Lot Parking: Frequent flyers may want to purchase a monthly lease at the Gold Key Lot. You can make reservations in advance for both long-term and daily parking.

Driving Directions

Whether you arrive at the airport from Downtown Pittsburgh or another direction, getting to the terminal is straightforward. The Pittsburgh Airport is located about 20 miles west of downtown Pittsburgh.

  • From Downtown Pittsburgh: Go through the Fort Pitt Tunnel and follow 279 South to Route 22/30 to Route 60 North (the same road, just changes names). Follow Route 60N approximately six miles to Airport Exit 6.
  • From the North (Wexford, Erie, New York...): Follow airport signs on Southbound I-79 to Exit 59B, Route 60N to Airport. Travel approximately 12 miles to Airport Exit 6.
  • From the East (Monroeville, PA Turnpike, Philadelphia...): Follow 376 West to Fort Pitt Bridge and Tunnel (follow overhead signs to the airport for the correct lanes). Go through the Fort Pitt Tunnel and follow 279 South to Route 22/30 to Route 60 North (the same road, just changes names). Follow Route 60N approximately 6 miles to Airport Exit 6.
  • From the South (Washington, PA; West Virginia; Washington D.C.): Follow Northbound I-79 to Exit 15 (Route 22/30, Route 60 - same road) towards the airport. Bear left to follow Route 60N. Travel for approximately 6 miles to Airport Exit 6.
  • From the West via Rt. 60 (Youngstown, OH; Cleveland, OH): Follow I-76 (Turnpike) to PA60-TollS towards Beaver/Pittsburgh. Follow PA60-TollS approximately 27 miles to Airport Exit 6.
  • From the West via Rt. 22/30 (Weirton, WV; Steubenville, OH): Follow US-22E to US-30W/PA-978S exit towards Imperial/Oakdale. Turn left off of exit ramp onto US-30/Bateman Road/PA-978 and stay straight onto US-30. At light (5-way intersection) turn right (not the hardest right) onto West Allegheny Road. Follow for approximately 1 mile and turn right onto McClaren Road. Continue almost 2 miles to PA-60N ramp towards Airport/Beaver. Merge onto PA 60-N and follow about 2 miles to Airport Exit 6.

Public Transportation and Taxis

It's possible to take a bus from the airport if your destination is in central Pittsburgh, but a taxi or shuttle to your final destination is probably your best bet. Car rental counters are located on the Baggage Claim level of the Landside Terminal and offer rentals from major agencies. From the rental counter, it is just a short walk to pick up your rental car in the lower level of the airport's attached covered garage. This is also where you will return your rental car at the end of your stay.

  • Taxis & Shuttles: Taxis and shuttle services can be found just outside the doors of the Baggage Claim level. Check the signs before you exit, because one side of the building is for ground transportation, and the other side is for people picking up arriving passengers. Taxi companies at the airport include Yellow Cab. The airport also offers several shuttle services. You can arrange for this service at the desks inside the Baggage Claim area. Some area hotels also operate free shuttle service between their hotel and the airport.
  • Public Transportation: For inexpensive transportation to and from the airport, the 28X Airport Flyer bus runs to central Pittsburgh and Oakland. 

Where to Eat and Drink

Throughout the airport, both before and after security, you'll find many shops where you can grab a prepared meal, quick snack, or sit down for a dining experience with table service. Bellfarm Kitchen is a great spot before the security line to grab a last-minute meal, but you could also sit down nearer to your gate at Airside restaurants like Farm Fresh Deli, Martini, Penn Brewery, and others. You'll also find a couple of delis and fast-food chains like Dunkin' Donuts, McDonald's, and Chick-fil-A.

Airport Lounges

The Pittsburgh Airport offers a few lounge options for those who are looking for a quiet place to relax away from the bustle of the airport.

  • For active and retired members of the military, a Military Lounge is available in Concourse C.
  • On the Mezzanine Level, American Airlines loyalty members or anyone flying with a premium ticket can access the Admirals Club. It's also possible to pay an entrance fee.
  • The Club at PIT is another lounge not affiliated with any airline in Concourse C. It can be accessed through lounge membership programs or you can pay at the door.

Wi-Fi and Charging Stations

Throughout the airport, you can connect to the free Wi-Fi without needing to create a username or password. You'll find charging stations on all concourses.

Pittsburgh International Airport Tips and Tidbits

  • The Airside Terminal includes 75 jet gates and consists of a large atrium with four concourse arms stretching out like an X.
  • There is a working post office in Concourse D.
  • There is a pet relief area at the airport in Concourse D, next to the post office.
  • There is a play area for children and a Mother's Nursing Lounge, a simple and quiet room, located in Concourse C.
  • For something different, you can check out the two art exhibits that are permanent features of the airport: Fraley's Robot Repair Shop in Concourse A and the Mister Rogers Exhibit in Concourse C.
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