Zombies in Vancouver for Halloween

Interactive Zombie Experiences in Vancouver, BC

Zombies in Vancouver Halloween 2012
Image Courtesy of Ron McCall / Zombie Combat Zone

Vancouver has always been a little in love with zombies: every year, there's the annual Vancouver ZombieWalk through downtown Vancouver and the B.C. government launched a Zombie Preparedness campaign in spring 2012 (actually a tongue-in-cheek effort to get B.C. residents prepared for a real-world emergency).

Since Halloween 2012, fans of the walking dead (and The Walking Dead) can see what it's like to fight zombies themselves with two interactive zombie attractions in Metro Vancouver: The Zombie Syndrome and The Zombie Combat Zone in Semiahmoo Park, in White Rock (about an hour south of Vancouver).

The Zombie Syndrome
Where: The streets of Downtown Vancouver
When: October 7 - November 2, 2014

The Zombie Syndrome is an interactive theatre experience from The Virtual Stage. For Halloween 2014, the adventure--titled On Death's Door: The Plague of the Zombie Syndrome--asks audience members to "go undercover" to stop a drug, distributed by organized crime, from creating more zombies. Taking place on the streets of downtown Vancouver, audience members interact with actors and with each other as they run from (of course!) zombies and race to complete their mission.

The Zombie Combat Zone
Where: Semiahmoo Park, 15782 Marine Drive, White Rock, British Columbia V4B 1E6, Canada
When: Thursdays - Fridays, from dusk - 1am
Bookings must be made in advance!

With zombies created by Vancouver special effects wizard Ron McCall, The Zombie Combat Zone is a 45-minute interactive experience that lets you hunt zombies through the dark forest of the after-hours Semiahmoo Park grounds in White Rock. The experience is scripted (making it similar to participating in live theatre or a scripted role-playing game): as part of a team of commandos, it's your mission to rescue a group of scientists trying to find a cure for the zombie plague. You're armed with paintball guns, and there is plenty of mayhem: smoke, pyrotechnics, spattered "blood," and a roaring soundtrack to simulate air raids and screams.

To participate in The Zombie Combat Zone, you must be at least 16 and you must book your Zombie Combat Zone experience in advance, online: The Zombie Combat Zone Bookings. A tour package is $666, but can include up to 12 people, so the more people you can get to go, the cheaper a tour will be. (A group of 12 breaks down to $55.50 per person.)