Ziplining in Vancouver & Whistler, BC

Soar Above Forests & Between Mountains in Vancouver, BC

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Ziplining — zipping through the sky on a (usually) steel cable suspended between two fixed points — is the perfect Vancouver outdoor adventure for anyone who loves scenery, action and an adrenaline-pumping good time. Accessible to most people, ziplining in Vancouver is a chance to soar above forests and between mountains; it's a great way to spend time with friends and family (or even a romantic date), and it's one of the best ways to take advantage of our nearby mountains in the summertime, when the weather is clear and there's no snow for skiing and snowboarding.

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What is Ziplining? Can Kids Zipline?

What exactly is ziplining?
In mountain ziplining — the kind of ziplining discussed here — you are strapped into a harness (similar to a mountain-climbing harness) that is attached to a pulley/cable, given a helmet, then sent zipping down the cable, which uses gravity to accelerate your trip. Mountain ziplines start high up on the mountain, allowing participants to "fly" down.

Are there any physical requirements for ziplining? Can kids zipline?
There are minimal physical requirements (though you should always check with the individual zipline operator if you have a specific medical or disability issue), based on weight: generally, to zipline you must meet a minimum weight of 65lbs/30kgs to a maximum weight of 275lbs/125kgs. Kids who meet the weight requirement and are over six years old should be able to safely zipline.

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Ziplining in Vancouver: Grouse Mountain

The closest spot for adventure ziplining in Vancouver is Grouse Mountain, located just 15 minutes north of downtown Vancouver. One of the Top 10 Vancouver Attractions, Grouse Mountain is a year-round resort; its Mountain Zipline is one its most popular summer attractions.

Grouse Mountain's Mountain Zipline is a five-zipline circuit that takes you over and across the canyons and peaks of Grouse Mountain and Dam Mountain. The complete Mountain Zipline course takes two hours to complete, is genuinely thrilling, and boasts incredible views of old-growth forests, mountains, and water.

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Ziplining in Whistler

Located about two hours north of Vancouver, Whistler is a popular destination for spring/summer ziplining. Making the most of the scenic Blackcomb and Whistler Mountains with ziplines that soar over forests, creeks and wildlife, ziplining in Whistler is as fun for families (with kids over seven) as it is for groups of adult friends.

There are two primary zipline operators in Whistler, each offering a different package of zipline tours:

Both Ziptrek and Superfly offer high-quality experiences, with amazing views and friendly tour guides.

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