Zipline in Downtown Las Vegas!

Slotzilla is Flying People High Above Fremont Street

Photo by Zeke Quezada

The typical Las Vegas visitor has a tendency to overlook Downtown Las Vegas even though the iconic lights are most likely part of their first impression of the city. Downtown has plenty of attractions for the casual visitor and a Zipline running down Fremont street to attract the thrill seekers. If you have ever wanted to feel like a superhero Slotzilla zipline in Downtown Las Vegas is exactly what you have been looking for. While most zip lines have you seated and holding on for dear life at Slotzilla they fly you down Fremont Street a full 1700 feet just like Superman! They do offer a shorter and more traditional zip line that has you seated and go a portion of the way down Fremont street but why not go big?

You fly 100 feet above Fremont Street on an upper zipline with 3 other people. The lower zip line is also shorter and lower to the ground although still high enough at 77 feet up.

SlotZilla Zipline in Downtown Las Vegas

Location: Fremont Street Experience
Downtown Las Vegas

Contact: 844-ZIPVEGAS

Hours: Noon to midnight, Sunday through Thursday, and until 2:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday

Cost: The lower Zipline is $20, the upper Zoomline is $40.

What to Expect at SlotZilla Zipline in Downtown Las Vegas?
If you have ever wanted to feel a rush of adrenaline as you soar over the top of peoples heads this is a fun and relatively inexpensive way to it. This zip line is convenient to get to and it is definitely one of those only in Las Vegas type of things. The lights shine brightly all around you and your friends can watch you zoom by high overhead.

You get into a harness on one side of Fremont Street and you end up all the way over on the other side by the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino. It is a quick ride under the canopy of lights and you’ll have a commemorative photo to show your friends. While this zip line is fun it is also good for that person who might be reluctant to invest in a full-blown zip line experience that soars higher up in the sky.

As much as flying across the sky can be a draw it can be a little unnerving to the not so motivated thrill seekers. If you are a bit reluctant try the seated position first. The ride is shorter and a bit more comfortable. The flat position leaves you feeling a little vulnerable even though it is well worth the ride. 

Nearby Downtown Las Vegas Attractions:

Since you are already on Fremont street be sure to check out the Downtown Container Park for some food and beverage options as well as live entertainment. vel Pie serves a great pizza right on Fremont Street and the Mob Museum is also in this area. The entire Fremont East area is perfect for a Las vegas exploration excursion. It is not what you think of when visiting Las Vegas but it is a good alternative to slot machines and expensive cocktails. 

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