Zipline Adventures in Puerto Rico

Tour companies that specialize in hanging you out to fly

If you've never been ziplining or rappelling, Puerto Rico is a terrific place to try it. And if you've never heard of either activity, here's a quick description. A zipline is a pulley suspended on a steel cable at an incline. You simple strap into a harness and let gravity carry you across to the other side. Rappelling, on the other hand, involves a controlled descent, typically down a rock face, using ropes and pulleys.

I've tried both rappelling and ziplining in Puerto Rico, and had a blast doing it. And as it turns out, there are many tour operators in Puerto Rico that offer these adventures. Here's the list.

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Toro Verde

Zipline Adventures

Zain Deane

Between flying across rainforest valleys, rappelling into empty space at the end of a rope bridge, and traversing across all kinds of rope bridges, this Toro Verde is a blast, which happens to be the largest aerial park in the western hemisphere. The real highlight here is the Superman zipline where you fly face-down, strapped in a custom harness. Simply awesome.

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Acampa Nature Adventures

Rappelling down a mountain using Tyroleans

Aventuras Tierra Adentro

A trusted and long established brand in the business of nature tours, Acampa does it all; ziplines in the Toro Negro rainforest, camping, rappelling, and even nocturnal ziplines in Mucaro. For the less adventurous, Acampa also offers guided eco-tours of the El Yunque rainforest, excursions to Mona Island (known as the Galapagos of the Caribbean), and camping trips. It even offers team building programs for corporate retreats. This is a well-run and professional organization.

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A well-regarded company, Rocaliza offers numerous tours that combine ziplining, waterfall rock climbing and rappelling. The tours take you to rainforest territory near Caguas (​south of San Juan) and the Julio ​Enrrique Monagas Park in Bayamón.

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Batey takes you to yet another corner of Puerto Rico, to the Tanamá River in Utuado. The company owns about 30 acres of secondary tropical forest, where most of the adventures tours takes place, and they focus on eco-friendly living and tourism. Their promotion of cultural and environmental awareness adds to the experience.