Zip Lining and Canopy Adventure in Arkansas

The zip line craze started in Costa Rica, allowing tourists to race through the gorgeous rainforest canopies. However, there are several gorgeous canopies to zip right here in the U.S,  including Arkansas. Check out these scenic adventure tour sites below.

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Buffalo River Canopy Tour (Ponca)

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This was the first zip line tour offered in Arkansas, hosted by the Buffalo Outdoor Center. The Buffalo River is an amazing, scenic spot in Arkansas, and the zip line goes through the canopy of the hardwood forest in Ponca. It's geared for guests ages 10+ who weigh between 70 and 250 lbs. The tour averages 2 hours and requires a group of four to schedule a tour. For pricing information, check out the tour website.

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Loco Ropes (Mountain View)

Loco Ropes, in Mountain View, is not just a zip line course -- it also offers climbing and other obstacles. They call themselves a "thrilling high wire adventure rope course with 3 different segments totaling 30+ challenges to test your nerve, endurance, agility, and strength." Located at the ​Ozark Folk Center State Park, you must be at least 43 inches tall and weigh less than 290 pounds.  For pricing information, ​check out the tour website.

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Zippin Griffin (Hardy)

The Zippin Griffin is a 5-thousand foot zip line located at Griffin Park in Hardy, Ark. (It claims to be the longest zip line in Arkansas.) The zip line has 5 sections, the longest being 1,800 feet. The longest section passes over the Spring River at speeds up to 55 mph (depending on your weight). Their weight limit is 275 lbs. 

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The Zip Lines and Ouachita Bend (Hot Springs)

This zip line features 7 different lines. The three-hour tour combines zip lining and hiking and requires a group of at least 6. You must weigh a minimum of 100 pounds to a maximum of 275 pounds. There is a range of pricing, depending on whether you do the full tour or a couple of zips -- ​check the tour website for price specifics. ​

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