Zero Grid Family Passport Holder Review

Sleek and roomy storage for all your important documents

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Zero Grid Family Passport Holder

Zero Grid Family Passport Holder

TripSavvy / Mary Kate Hoban

What We Like
  • High-quality, durable design

  • Provides easy access to documents

  • Very thin profile

What We Don't Like
  • Some pockets are really small

  • A little long

Bottom Line

The Zero Grid Family Passport Holder is a stylish and compact travel accessory that’s perfect for holding and conveniently accessing multiple travel documents and other necessary items.


Zero Grid Family Passport Holder

Zero Grid Family Passport Holder

TripSavvy / Mary Kate Hoban

We purchased the Zero Grid Family Passport Holder so our reviewer could put it to the test. Keep reading for our full product review.

Designed as a family travel wallet that can accommodate multiple passports and other important items, the Zero Grid Family Passport Holder is a versatile and effective accessory. Zero Grid’s mission is to help people travel better, with a strong emphasis on minimalism. To test the brand’s claims and specifically find out if the thoughtful design of the Family Passport Holder functions well on the go, we gave it to one of our well-traveled editors, who took it on three cross-country flights and a road trip around the Southwest. Read on to find out how it fared during those five days of constant travel.

Zero Grid Family Passport Holder
TripSavvy / Mary Kate Hoban

Design: Practical and convenient storage

This passport holder allows you to fit up to six passports, in addition to tickets, money, multiple credit cards, keys, and other travel documents—making it ideal for group travel or simply keeping everything you need for a long trip all in one place.

“I put two passports, two boarding passes, a few credit cards, and a printed-out itinerary in this holder,” our tester explained. “It fit everything really well.” Each of the pockets also features a cut-away design so you can see what’s in each storage compartment for quick access.

Our tester said it’s usually a struggle to rummage through bags and pull out her passport when going through the airport, but this holder streamlined that process: “It was very easy to get out my passport and my husband's before we went through the security line,” she reported. She did think that the pockets could be a little bigger, however. “Some were clearly made for just credit cards and you couldn't fit anything else in there,” she said.

I put two passports, two boarding passes, a few credit cards, and a printed-out itinerary in this passport holder. It fit everything really well.

Zero Grid protects the holder with a lifetime warranty, but you may not need it because of this passport holder's durability. “The fabric held up through three airports and over 15 hours of air travel” our tester reported back. The water-resistant Ripstop nylon and zipper closure should protect your documents against spills, rain, and other moisture during your travels. Our tester put this holder through Seattle rain, Las Vegas heat, and Arizona dust without any problems.

While the holder is clearly made with durability in mind, its minimal look is also appealing. “The black fabric would go well with anyone's style,” our tester said.

Zero Grid Family Passport Holder
TripSavvy / Mary Kate Hoban

Portability: Fits easily inside a purse or backpack

With dimensions of 8.9 x 5.5 x 1 inches and weighing 5.4 ounces, this holder manages to carry a lot without being bulky. In fact, portability is one of its major selling points. “I like how the passport holder was thin enough to easily fit in my backpack, but it still held everything I needed,” our tester noted. She added, “It was on the longer side, but the profile was very thin."

I like how the passport holder was thin enough to easily fit in my backpack, but it still held everything I needed.

Security: RFID-blocking technology protects your information

Because all recently issued US passports have been embedded with RFID chips, Zero Grid included an RFID-blocking shield in the holder’s nylon fabric to keep thieves from being able to scan your chips and steal your information. The shield won’t block your cell phone signal, either—it simply prevents illegal scanning of credit cards and IDs so you can have more peace of mind when traveling. 

Price: A terrific value

At less than $30, this passport holder is an affordable wallet for groups or families who are traveling together. Particularly when you consider what it would cost to purchase four to six RFID-blocking wallets for each member of a group, the fact that this one can fit and protect so much at this price point makes it a great value. Then, there’s the lifetime satisfaction guarantee that Zero Grid provides, making this a purchase that will last wherever your adventures take you for years to come.

Competition: Zero Grid provides more storage and quality for the money

If you’re looking for a holder for your travel documents, there are several options when it comes to style, price, and storage capacity. Budget-friendly options—like the SimpacX Passport Holder, for example—come in at less than $10, but you’ll likely notice a difference in aesthetics, at the very least.

The Zero Grid Family Passport Holder features a lot of storage, with the ability to carry up to six passports, but it also comes in a thin, sleek silhouette. Compare it to neck pouch options, like the Venture 4th Travel Neck Pouch, and you’ll see the two are similar sizes but Zero Grid’s Family Passport Holder is uniquely suited for group travel. It’s a personal preference, but you might not want your documents hanging around your neck, either.

In terms of competitors on the higher end of the price scale, Lovie Style’s Phone Charging Passport Holder provides the convenience of storing and charging your phone, but it’s more expensive and less conducive to multiple people’s travel documents.

Go ahead and buy it.

With a lifetime warranty, simple design that won’t go out of style, and versatile usage, the Zero Grid Family Passport holder will be your go-to travel staple for years, making it an extremely worthwhile investment at a reasonable price.


  • Product Name Family Passport Holder
  • Product Brand Zero Grid
  • UPC FPH_Midnight
  • Price $18.99
  • Weight 5.4 oz.
  • Product Dimensions 8.9 x 5.5 x 1 in.
  • Material Nylon
  • Warranty Lifetime
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