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"Zeke, you've flown it, eaten it, drove it & drank it! - Denise Henwood, Las Vegas lover, with her accurate description of what I do and what I've done in Las Vegas.


If you consider a Las Vegas vacation as an opportunity to redefine yourself, if only for a few hours, then I'm sure this guide will help you. Las Vegas is about having fun and trying new things, I'm the bad influence you need.

Las Vegas is an ever evolving travel destination with plenty of new and adventurous attractions opening up all the time. If you are looking for a vacation that tests your ability to have fun and pushes you to try new things Las Vegas is for you. Get excited and allow yourself to experience the adult playground that never stops entertaining.

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You're sitting at your desk thinking, "I need to talk to Zeke Quezada today!" Get in line behind my wife, who just so happens to forget that if she sent me an E-mail maybe I would respond. You're headed to Las Vegas and you are just not sure about a thing or two. No worries, drop me a note and I'll try to help you. If I don't get back immediately, don't take it personally, the in-box can get a little thick with questions and I can only type with one hand if I'm at a restaurant stuffing my face and abusing my liver.

Like all the Guides at About.com, I'm a real person. We would like to hear about any suggestions, ideas, or questions you might have. You can send an email to ZekeQuezadaAbout@gmail.com Just know that unlike most guides I am almost always at a nightclub, pool, restaurant or spa when I'm reading your email. It's what I do in order to give you the best possible answers.

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Zeke Quezada has been in the travel industry for the past 15 years and has led and guided trips to exotic locales around the world. From Scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef and in the Caribbean to ski tours in the Canadian Rockies introducing others to the exploration of new destinations has always been a passion.

Zeke Quezada has worked in Broadcasting, Engineering and in Education. As a science instructor he guided trips of young adults to study the reefs of Hawaii, the wetlands of Florida and the migration patterns of whales in the Gulf of Mexico. He has spent countless hours guiding ski trips in the Eastern Sierras and geological trips in the deserts of Southern California and Southern Nevada.

"My first visit to Las Vegas was at the young age of eleven. From the early days of staying at a truck stop with my father to the large resorts of today I have seen the city transform into a worldwide travel destination."


Zeke Quezada holds a B.A in Political Science and did his graduate work in Geology at the California State University at Los Angeles.

Zeke Quezada spends plenty of time at the poker tables gathering insights on where best to go in Las Vegas. When not gambling he spends the rest of the time eating and drinking his way through a city that changes constantly.

"If you are in an elevator and some guy starts asking you questions about what you liked and disliked in Las Vegas, it's probably me."

Zeke Quezada

For 20 years I have traveled with a sense of purpose. I'm looking for the experience others never even hear about. From 3 star Michelin restaurants to lolo's on the beach in Sint Maarten I've been fortunate to try food all over the world. I have had the opportunity to dive the Great Barrier Reef, ski the Canadian Rockies, sail the Caribbean and fish in the Sea of Cortez. I've borrowed towels and coat hangers in 5 Star hotel and slept with the insects in thatched roof beach bures from Belize to Bora Bora. Ultimately, I do it all to have a story to tell. There is nothing quite like a good travel story.

My attitude when it comes to travel? A simple word, adventure. In Las Vegas that could mean 48 hours with no sleep and a great run at the craps table. It could also mean a nice dinner with someone special and the time of your life! Carpe Diem!

I eat, I drink and I try not to spend too much money. My newest book "Restaurants in Las Vegas: The Best for Less" is available from Amazon and you can have it on your mobile phone, iPad, Kindle or on your computer.

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