Product Review: Zanier Heat-GX Heated Gloves

Keeping your hands warm while skiing (both downhill and cross-country). snowshoeing or simply spending the day outside in the winter is a constant struggle. Heat packs in the back of your gloves don't always provide enough warmth for the whole hand, while heated gloves powered by D-cell batteries tend to be heavy and bulky. And ​lets be honest, those chemical packs that are popular with many outdoor winter athletes really only heat up your palms and aren't particularly useful for keeping the tips of your fingers warm too.

Mittens, with a chemical hot pack inside, can be a viable alternative of course, but they're awful for skiing because you simply can't grip the poles properly.

So what's a winter athlete to do when their fingers end up tingly after just an hour in sub-freezing weather? Why, add a pair of  Zanier Heat-GX heated gloves to their wardrobe of course. These gloves have an improved design that actually heats the  thumb and fingertips, rather than just your palms, all without the use of bulky battery packs.

Zanier-GX Heated Gloves Easy to Use

Sporting a proprietary microprocessor in the gloves themselves (which designers have dubbed "Impulse Control") that stimulates fingertip blood circulation, the Zanier-GX models are unlike any other on the market. The control buttons are simple to use and are within easy reach right on the back of the hand. To activate, simply hold the plus button on the glove to turn it on and increase the heat. Repeat the process in the other direction using the minus button to decrease the heat or turn off the unit.

That's really all there is to it. 

An LED light built embedded in the glove indicates the heating level. On its lowest setting, the battery is cable of powering the gloves for up to 12.5 hours hours at a time. If you need a little extra warmth, turn the temperature up to the mid-level (at 98.6 degrees), which cuts battery life down to just five hours. Optional battery packs can be purchased separately to help extend the life of the product throughout the day. The batteries, which are waterproof and shock-resistant, sit in their own cuff pockets, and are light enough that you might even forget that they are even there.

The Bottom Line:

No doubt these gloves work well. The pair we tested had an adjustable, integrated heating system that keeps fingers warm for a full day of skiing without having to lug around a bulky pack of D-cell batteries on the wrist. Additionally, Zanier's models are much more comfortable and efficient than those crunchy chemical packets that only heat your palms. Indeed, these options from Zanier are warm, efficient, and extremely easy to use, while providing long battery life and warmth for the entire hand.



  • Gloves keep hands comfortable for hours without becoming overly warm
  • Lithium-ion batteries are small, lightweight and shock absorbent with lots of power
  • Controls are accessible without having to removing a glove
  • LED lights indicate if unit is on or off and the level of heat provided
  • Lasts up to 12 1/2 hours on one charge


  • A wrist strap should be included on both gloves to help prevent loss
  • Needs extra layer of leather on index finger and palm so ski edges won't cut through
  • Gloves can be expensive with prices starting at $149 but going up to $349


  • Lined leather gloves, with lightweight lithium-ion batteries and heating element at thumb and fingertips
  • A proprietary microprocessor stimulates fingertip blood circulation.
  • Dual lightweight lithium-ion batteries can be easily removed from glove cuff for recharging
  • Three different heat settings with LED indicator built into each glove
  • Gloves are windproof and incorporate a Gore-Tex membrane layer so they are waterproof and breathable as well.
  • Batteries provide power for 12 hours on lowest setting and more than five hours on medium setting. That level drops to 2 hours on the highest setting, although backup batteries can be used to extend the use of the gloves indefinitely. 
  • Zanier's technology is offered in mittens, foot warmers, pants, jackets, and other products as well.

Note: When traveling with these gloves, be sure to remove the lithium-ion batteries before putting them into checked baggage. Most airlines now require you to carry all batteries of that type with you onto the plane before taking off.