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  • Vassar College


  • Zachary Zane is a Brooklyn-based columnist, speaker, activist, and sex expert whose work focuses on sexuality, lifestyle, and culture.
  • He has a weekly sex advice column at Men’s Health titled “Sexplain It,” where he answers a diverse range of questions pertaining to masculinity, ethical non-monogamy, sexual insecurities, and the LGBTQ community. He answers questions with actionable advice that isn't just "communicate with your partner," because let’s be real, we all know that already.
  • He also has a monthly column at Queer Majority called “Zach and the City,” which explores romance and sexuality through Zane’s fabulous life. Set against the backdrop of New York City, Zane uses his personal experiences as a young and adventurous queer socialite to unpack the current state of cosmopolitan sex, love, and dating.


He was formerly a digital associate editor at OUT Magazine and a contributing editor at, Plus Magazine, and The Advocate Magazine. He's been featured in numerous other publications, including the New York Times, Rolling Stone, GQ, The Washington Post, Playboy, NBC, SELF, Allure, Dazed, AskMen, Slate, Into, Them, Cosmopolitan, Hornet, NewNowNext, LGBTQ Nation, MerryJane, and Bustle.

He is also the founder and editor-in-chief of BOYSLUT Zine, which publishes real, first-person sex stories from kinksters across the globe.

As a leading bisexual activist, Zane has spoken across the country at universities and panels alike, discussing issues pertaining to the bisexual community, sex positivity, and ethical non-monogamy. He previously had a biweekly column at that ran for 18 months.

He attended the "Bisexual White House Briefing" at the White House (under Obama), and has been featured as an expert on a number of podcasts including Dan Savage's "Savage Lovecast."


Zane graduated from Vassar College in 2013 with B.A. in psychology.

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