Yurt Holidays in Canada

Photo courtesy Ontario Parks

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Yurts as a Holiday Option

Yurt holidays are a great option for people who want a little more comfort in their camping experience. Imagine waking up refreshed: no sore back from constant stooping or sleeping on a cold, hard ground. Yurts are especially attractive if you are travelling with young children, camping in winter - or otherwise poor weather - or you’re just a “high-maintenance” camper that prefers not to rough it too much.

What Exactly is a Yurt

Yurts are heavy-duty tent-like abodes that originated in Mongolia and central Asia where they still commonly serve as year-round dwelling. Their basic construction is a cylindrical skeleton supporting a conical roof, covered in felt, animal skin, or fabric. The yurt has been adapted in Canada and the U.S. mostly as recreational accommodation at campgrounds and public parks. For the most part, they have electricity, flooring, furniture and a means by which to cook. Most sleep 4 to 6 people and cost more than a campsite, but less than a lodge. Exceptions apply where yurt rentals may range between Cdn$200 and $400.

Yurts in Canada

Yurts in Canada are increasing in popularity and are particularly prevalent in British Columbia. Yurts are also increasing in numbers in Ontario and Quebec. Check your favourite provincial or national park online or call to see if yurts are available. Book early – reservations for such cushy camping accommodation fill quickly.

-Yurts in British Columbia:

British Columbia offers yurts at numerous locations province-wide, including at three provincial parks in scenic lakeside locations. These yurts cost $65 per yurt and accommodate four people. Go to BC Parks for further information.

More BC Yurts:

-Yurts in Ontario:

Ontario Parks has introduced yurts at a number of their locations, including provincial treasure, Algonquin Park. These 16-ft in diameter canvas-covered shelters sit up off the ground and feature many conveniences. Rates for 2010 are $85 per night per yurt.

-Yurts in Quebec:

Since 2005, Parcs Québec has offered this rustic accommodation in such gorgeous settings as Gaspé, Saguenay and Mont-Tremblant. A one night stay in a Parcs Québec yurt starts at $120.

-Yurts in Cape Breton:

Wake up to an ocean view if you book a yurt at Cabot Shores on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. Luxury camping for $35 per night, per person.

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