Guide to Class A Motorhomes

Class A motorhome
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There are many types of RVs made to fit every sort of RVing lifestyle. One of the most popular forms of RV on the market, and what most people think of when they think RV, is the motorhome. Within motorhomes, there are subtypes such as Class A, B, C and even the B+. Let's explore Class A motorhomes including the unique advantages and disadvantages of this motorhome

What You Need to Know About Class A Motorhomes

If someone was asked to sketch an RV, chances are they would draw something resembling a Class A motorhome. The Class A is one of the most popular forms of RVing in the United States, so what makes a motorhome a Class A?

The Class A motorhome looks like a public transit bus, long, rectangular and flat nosed. The idea that it looks like a bus is not far off at all as many Class A motorhomes are constructed on a bus chassis. Class As often have a large front window area for excellent vision on the road. Class A motorhomes may often be referred to as coaches or luxury coaches depending on the amenities. They may use regular gasoline, but many often use diesel fuel, large Class As that use diesel are known as diesel pushers.

Advantages of Class A Motorhomes

The Class A is one of the most popular forms of RVing in the US, and there’s a reason for that. Class A motorhomes offer up many unique advantages that appeal to a large number of people.

  • Size: Class A motorhomes can be behemoths. Certain models can be as long as 50 feet with the width of a large bus to boot. This available space is compounded because many come with slide outs that enlarge the motorhome. Class A motorhomes can sleep several people, up to a dozen on some models and offer other features such a large space and king size beds.
  • Option and Feature Rich: Because they are so popular and large, there are no limits on the type of features you can get on your own. Popular features include entertainment systems, kitchens with plenty of storage or full bathrooms. If you want tons of features, look to the Class A motorhome.

    Disadvantages of Class A Motorhomes

    The Class A doesn’t come without its unique drawbacks as well. There are a few disadvantages when it comes to the Class A.

    • Cost: You don’t get these features and space without paying for it. Class A motorhomes are the most expensive on the market with pushing into six figures on price and that’s just upfront. Class A motorhomes are often gas guzzlers as well, with some models only achieving single digit miles per gallon. So you’ll be dropping some big money up front and every time you hit the pump.
    • Size and Mobility: Size isn’t always helpful in the world of RVing. It takes a practiced hand to navigate the highways and trail roads in a Class A motorhome. Finding accommodations to park can be a nuisance as well as backing up. If you’re uncomfortable in large vehicles you may want to train up to the Class A. Unless you’re bringing a secondary vehicle with you camping you can get stuck at your campsite. No one wants to drive the big coach down to the convenience store just for a gallon of milk.

      The Class A motorhome is full of several unique advantages and disadvantages. Talk to a local dealer, fellow RVers or hop on RVing forums to get a better feel if the Class A motorhome is the right ride for you.