You Can Spend This Halloween Inside the 'Ghostbusters' HQ

The firehouse replica will be appropriately decked out in Halloween decor

Ghostbusters bedroom

Courtesy of Vacasa

If you’re one of the many massive fans of the Ghostbusters franchise, then you likely ain’t afraid of no ghosts; however, if you don’t mark your calendars for this Friday, Oct. 21, you may develop a fear of missing out. On the 21st, vacation rental platform Vacasa will open bookings for an exclusive three-night stay at a replica of the ghost catcher’s firehouse headquarters across the country from the original TriBeCa location in Portland, Oregon. Vacasa, in partnership with Sony Pictures, has meticulously recreated the firehouse down to the last detail.

Reservations are sure to go fast, but the experience for fans will be well worth it. The three-night stay will take place from Oct. 28 through Oct. 31, 2022, and the firehouse will be appropriately decked out in Halloween decor. In addition to a Halloween theme, guests will find cinematic details like Stay-Puft marshmallows and other treats to snack on.

Ghostbusters lockers

Courtesy of Vacasa

The real thrill for Ghostbusters fans will be the faithful recreation of the set itself. From the famed Ecto-1 car parked inside the firehouse to the closet filled with the Ghostbusters uniforms and even secretary Janine’s desk, complete with the phone ringing off the hook, every detail fans expect will be there. There is even a recreation of the dark room used in Ghostbusters 2 for developing photos of the film's villain, Vigo the Carpathian. Of course, there are also more proton packs and other ghostbusting gear than you can shake a P.K.E meter at during your three-night visit, should you see anything strange in the neighborhood.

Each night in the station costs $19.84—a price fans will no doubt recognize as the year the first film in the franchise was released—and includes 24-hour support from the Vacasa team. Booking opens on October 21 at 10 a.m. PT on

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