You Can Score a Free City Tour of San Juan with JetBlue—Here's How

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Street scene in San Juan Puerto Rico with City Gate in background.
David Madison / Getty Images

JetBlue is partnering with the Municipality of San Juan, Puerto Rico, to offer customers free 2.5-hour walking tours of San Juan, starting now through March 2023—the free tour comes complimentary to anyone who books a JetBlue Vacations package to La Ciudad Amurallada, aka the Walled City.

Puerto Rico was first inhabited by an indigenous group called the Tainos. Spanish colonists claimed the city now known as San Juan over 500 years ago, and it is the second-oldest European-colonized city in the Americas. On the itinerary, you can expect to soak up the city's rich history and culture with a visit through Old San Juan.

You'll want to be sure to arrive in comfortable walking shoes for the two-and-a-half-hour tour, and to don appropriate, respectful attire since you'll be stopping off at some religious sites.

The tour starts at Plaza de Armas before venturing to the second-oldest cathedral on the American continent, a UNESCO Heritage Site, a museum dedicated to Juan Ponce de Leon (the oldest building in the U.S.), and a few more notable churches.

"We're excited to partner with the Municipality of San Juan to offer JetBlue Vacations customers a free tour of Old San Juan, as we're always looking for ways to bring added value to our customers' experience," Andres Barry, the president of JetBlue Travel Products, said in a statement to TripSavvy. "The free tour will give travelers who purchased a vacation package to San Juan the opportunity to travel back to the 16th century and visit the most emblematic places of one of the oldest cities in America."

Looking to take them up on the offer? The options for adding the San Juan city tour can be added during your vacation package booking process. Travelers can confirm tour times, directions to the meeting point, and other need-to-know deets by clicking on the "view details" link before checkout—so keep an eye open!

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