You Can Enroll in TSA Precheck at Staples—Here's What You Need to Know

Walk-ins welcome

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If you've been putting off getting TSA PreCheck because you just haven't found a convenient time to schedule an enrollment appointment at the airport, we've got good news! Staples—yes, the office supplies store—has a secret: they offer TSA PreCheck enrollment on-site in minutes.

Wait, it gets better: while appointments are preferred, walk-ins are also welcome. This means you can stop by a participating Staples Connect store when it's most convenient for you or just when you're driving by and have time, pop in, and finally enroll in TSA PreCheck, which means no more stripping off your belt, jacket, or shoes, and keeping liquids and electronic devices tucked in your carry-ons as you go through airport security at TSA PreCheck participating airports.

Staples' TSA PreCheck enrollment is provided by IDEMIA, an identity tech company based in France. And it's easy as 1, 2, 3:

First, search the Staples website for a Staples Connect store near you that offers TSA PreCheck enrollment. Next, go to the official TSA PreCheck government site and begin enrollment. The last page of the enrollment questionnaire will ask you to search for a location to complete your registration in person.

Type in your zip code to find the closest enrollment locations near you. A list of the nearest locations will pop up on the right-hand side, including Staples locations noted as "inside Staples location." Select your location, and then pick an appointment time (or choose "walk-in"). You'll have 120 days to complete your enrollment.

Once you're at Staples, you'll need to provide two forms of I.D. listed on your online enrollment forms, such as a state-issued driver's license, passport, or birth certificate. Then, smile for a quick picture, confirm some personal information, and you're set!

Currently, TSA PreCheck enrollment at Staples costs $78 and lasts for five years.