Guide to Yosemite Hotels and National Park Lodging

Ahwahnee Hotel, Yosemite National Park
©2011 Betsy Malloy Photography. Used by Permission.

The selection of Yosemite Hotels is somewhat limited, with only four lodges inside the park. If they are full, you'll have to try a hotel in one of the surrounding towns.

The most common complaint about Yosemite hotels is they aren't worth the cost. Have the right expectations: you'll pay more here or in the surrounding communities than for a comparable hotel elsewhere.

How to Get a Last-Minute Reservation

If all of the hotels are booked solid when you plan to go, try this strategy to get something at the last minute.

Call for reservations just 7 days in advance (when the cancellation policy takes effect) to snag a newly-canceled spot.

Yosemite Valley

  • Majestic Yosemite Hotel (formerly the Ahwahnee): One of the grand, old national park hotels.
  • Yosemite Valley Lodge (formerly Yosemite Lodge at the Falls): Located in Yosemite Valley, just half a mile from Yosemite Village, this sprawling site offers motel-style rooms and a couple of dining options. It's popular with big tour groups, who can cause temporary congestion as they arrive and depart.
  • Half Dome Village (formerly Curry Village): You'll find a mix of accommodations in this Yosemite Valley location, including cabins, motel-style rooms , and tent cabins.

    Outside of Yosemite Valley

    • Big Trees Lodge (formerly the Wawona Hotel): Parts of this elegant, old hotel date from the late 1800s. It's located near the south entrance and the Mariposa Grove, almost an hour from the Valley. You'll find tennis courts and a nine-hole golf course here, in case the natural beauty isn't enough to keep you busy.
    • White Wolf Lodge: Off Tioga Road about 20 miles from the Valley. They have 24 canvas tent cabins and four hard-sided cabins with private baths.
    • Tuolumne Meadows Lodge: 69 canvas tent cabins, each big enough for four people. On Tioga Pass Road.

      Yosemite Vacation Rentals and B&Bs

      You might not think of it, but you can actually rent a vacation home inside Yosemite. Check for them at

      Not technically in the park, but close enough in the adjacent National Forest, Yosemite West is about 20 minutes from the valley. You can rent a condo or vacation home here, or stay in a bed and breakfast. The Yosemite West website has all the details.

      Tent Cabins

      Besides the Curry Village tent cabins, Tuolumne Meadows Lodge and White Wolf Lodge are both composed only of tent cabins, with no electricity.


      Our guide to Yosemite camping will give you all the details about how to reserve ahead, how to get a campsite at the last minute and what to do about the bears.