Yoga With The Dolphins at The Mirage Hotel Las Vegas

Taking a deep breath and seeking some balance the only thing I can see is a dolphin in a window. The dolphin gives me a long deep stare. I look back as I feel the muscles on my legs attempt to scream. It's as if the dolphin wants to say something to me. I wait for a response and a second dolphin appears. I wonder to myself if in fact they are communicating with each other about me.

"That looks painful"

"Yeah, what's he trying to do?"

"Do humans swim?"

The dolphins are fascinated with my attempt at a downward dog. I feel supremely lucky to be so close to these incredible creatures. Part of me wants to stop my attempt at a meaningful yoga practice and just stand by the window for the entire session. I push through the 60 minutes and I feel rejuvenated. I sit on the floor of the yoga studio and the giant windows practically allow me to hug the next dolphin that comes to the window. If I could practice like this everyday I would.

Yoga with the Dolphins at the Mirage Las Vegas
The Spa at the Mirage
Friday - Sunday
60 minutes for $50

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