Yeti's New Trip Tool Will Help You Plan a Year Full of Adventures

Why look back when you can book ahead?

Austria, Tyrol, couple snowshoeing at sunrise
Westend61 / Getty Images

As the year comes to a close, it may be tempting to toss a long glance over your shoulder and think about all the places you could have gone or all the experiences that could have been. But why torture yourself when you can spend that time making sure you have a rocking, adventure-filled 2023?

Not sure where to start? Yeti (everyone’s favorite rugged and ultra-dependable outdoor cooler company) has launched a new ‘Year in Preview’ calendar-building tool to help you plan a year’s worth of outdoor adventures explicitly tailored to you. Think of it a bit like a Spotify Wrapped for incredible outdoor adventures that haven’t happened.

All you have to do is go to the official Yeti Year in Preview site to build your calendar. It’s as easy as naming your calendar, swiping through nine different outdoor adventure categories, selecting as many as you’re interested in—is this the year you’ll finally hit up that rodeo or strap on the snowshoes?—picking out themed hype music to get you pumped and then waiting mere seconds for Yeti to build you a full year of worldwide events to check out.

You can add all the suggested events to your calendar (if you selected all the categories, get ready for about 600 suggestions) or keep the ones you’re most psyched about. Once you hit the “Add to Calendar” button, the events will get downloaded into your calendar—there’s no turning back now (just kidding, you can delete them, if you want).

Your Year in Preview also comes with a snazzy video count-up of all the months (set to your preferred soundtrack, of course) to give you a glimpse of what’s in store for your “wildest year yet.” Download the video to keep in your back pocket for that quick pick-me-up, or share it with friends and make it a group goal.

Whether you make it your new year’s resolution to let the calendar be your travel guide or just let it be a solid 12-month map of travel inspiration is up to you.