Yatai Xinyang Fashion and Gift Market (aka "the Fake Market")

••• Bobby Brill/Getty Images

Inside the underground maze of the metro station, this market inhabits a warren of stalls. Here you can buy just about anything when it comes to junk made in China. This includes fake watches, bags, shirts and viewing material. Just be warned, it IS fake, no matter what they tell you. Vendors here are reasonably honest but they're trying to make as much money as they can and are used to day-stopping tourists ready to drop a load of cash before they head to the airport so bargain hard before you buy.

And remember, you get what you pay for so when your watch doesn't work after a few weeks, don't wonder too hard why.


Science and Technology Museum (上海科技馆) metro stop (Pudong).

Say it in Chinese: "kuh gee gwan dee tee-ay zhan".

Getting There:

The Science and Technology Museum is on Metro Line 2.