Yaletown's Hottest Restaurants & Nightlife

Dining and Nightlife in Vancouver's Yaletown Neighborhood

Celebrated chefs, fabulous drinks, chic patrons. and occasional celebrities--Vancouver's Yaletown is home to some of the city's best nightlife and restaurants. It's also within walking distance of Downtown Vancouver and has its own Canada LIne / SkyTrain rapid transit stop, the Yaletown-Roundhouse Station.

The center of Yaletown nightlife and dining are Mainland St. and Hamilton St., which run parallel to each other, (loosely) bordered by Davie St. to the south and Smithe St. to the north. This rectangular area is packed with top restaurants, bars, and nightspots, making it easy to bar hop or dine in one and then have after-dinner drinks at another.

Generally, Yaletown nightlife is more posh and less rowdy than the Granville Street Entertainment District, and caters to a wider age range (from young to over-40).

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    Yaletown's Best High-End Restaurants

    Blue Water Cafe Vancouver
    ••• Blue Water Cafe Vancouver. Image Courtesy of Tourism Vancouver

    Yaletown is home to several of the most acclaimed restaurants in Vancouver, including:

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    Yaletown's Hottest Bars & Nightspots

    Opus Bar in Yaletown, Vancouver
    ••• Opus Bar in Yaletown, Vancouver. Image Courtesy of Opus Hotel

    Yaletown is one of Vancouver's busiest nightlife districts on Friday and Saturday nights; you may even spot a celebrity!

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    Casual Dining / Hot Bar Scenes

    Exterior of Cactus Club in Yaletown, Vancouver
    ••• Cactus Club, Yaletown. Image Courtesy of Tourism Vancouver / Dine Out Vancouver

    If you want to save your budget for cocktails and after-dinner drinks, these casual dining favourites are also Yaletown hotspots--their bars attract a young, stylish crowd on the weekends.

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    How to Get to Yaletown

    If you're in Downtown Vancouver, chances are you are within walking distance of Yaletown (which occupies the southeast portion of the downtown peninsula). If you want to save your feet for dancing, taxis from anywhere in the downtown core will be (relatively) inexpensive. You can also use Vancouver's Canada Line / SkyTrain rapid transit to reach Yaletown: take the Canada Line to Yaletown-Roundhouse Station, just one block south of Mainland St.