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If your imagination has begun to run wild with an image of Las Vegas nightlife it probably has come up with something that resembles XS Nightclub at Encore Las Vegas. XS is about excess, the elegance is everywhere and the opulence is what turns your evening into a decadent affair of Las Vegas nightlife. Grab a seat by the poolside lounge or get bottle service inside and take a look at the scene around you, which is Las Vegas.

Walk in with a group of women and you'll get treated very well. A large group of guys will get in but it might take more time than you think it should. It doesn't make sense but as with most Las Vegas nightclubs, when it gets busy XS will have a line so find the right mix of people to help you push forward in the line. Calling ahead for reservations always helps and getting to the nightclub early is a great way to avoid a long line.

Start the evening at Costa Di Mare for some fresh seafood in a romantic setting or head over to Lakeside or SW Steakhouse for a meal by the Lake of Dreams. A Las Vegas evening must start with drinks at Parasol Down before the nightclub becomes the main attraction. Everything about this resort is luxury so make sure to keep that in my mind when planning a visit to XS Nightclub.

Location: Encore Las Vegas Resort
3131 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Get directions
(702) 770-0097

Reservations: Book online. If you're staying at the resort, you can also book by calling the concierge.

Dress Code

You need to look good at XS because everyone seems to look very good. The official line is “Dress code strictly enforced. No hats, oversized jeans, baggy clothing, or athletic wear” What that means is that you should dress as if you want to meet someone even if you don't. You will notice that women will be wearing shorts skirts, tight tops, and high heels that may or may not stay on at the end of the night (the shoes).

Men, you'll need fashionable attire but don't get too hung up on it. Dark jeans and a nice shirt will do. If you go in with a coat and tie they'll let you in but you'll look like one of the guys at the door. If you try to walk in with that gear you think is great, you know, the pants that dip down low and that favorite clever t-shirt that you love to wear, they will probably ask you to stand at the back of the line.

What It's Like

You’ll notice the never-ending tables and couches with “reserved” on them. Bottle service is huge at XS at Encore but there are a few lounge areas and tables that do not require a reservation out by the pool. The outdoor area has a bit more of an open air vibe that is reminiscent of the South Beach nightlife scene while the spacious indoor area is so nice you almost don’t want to sit down on the furniture. The servers are all incredibly good looking and getting a drink at the bar is an exercise in your ability to either very aggressive or extremely charming.

Music: EDM, House


If you have the cash to live it up, get a table at XS Encore Las Vegas and split the cost among four friends. It’s a fun experience and you get a better view of the club and the patrons. The dance floor can get packed but that is part of the fun.

Have an early dinner at one of the Wynn restaurants and start your evening right. At the end of your meal ask the server if they can get you into the club. You might be surprised at just how good customer service is at Wynn /Encore as they do try to keep their customers happy. Dinner and a nightclub is the way to go in Las Vegas. Other food options include SW Steakhouse, Lakeside at Wynn, and Country Club New American Steakhouse

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