Wuksachi Lodge: Amid Earth's Tallest Trees in Sequoia National Park, California

Wuksachi's neighbors are giant sequoias, Earth's biggest, oldest living things

Wuksachi Lodge, top hotel in Sequoia National Park

Why Stay at Wuksachi Lodge in Sequoia National Park, California?

Wuksachi Lodge is an amazing hotel: a four-season playground for nature lovers.
• Its breathtaking setting: Sequoia National Park in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of central California

Sequoia National Park Is One of America's Most Scenic Mountain Parks

The park itself protects one of the world's most inspiring natural wonders: Giant Sequoia Redwoods, which can grow over 300 feet tall and live thousands of years.

• Wuksachi Lodge is named after a local Native American tribe
• Every year, legions of hikers, bikers, photographers, and just plain nature lovers from all over come to visit the park and its myriad trails and roads 

Wusachi Is the Best Place to Stay in Sequoia National Park

Visitors to Sequoia National Park have a choice of places to stay, but Wuksachi Lodge is the highest-end accommodations in the park. Guests can enjoy so much here: 
• A magnificent and serene location
• Some of the world's best hiking and nature photo ops
• Elegantly rustic hotel décor
• Healthy cuisine at The Peaks restaurant, a full bar, sociable lounges, viewing decks 
• Free wifi throughout the lodge 

What Wuksachi Lodge is Like

Wuksachi Lodge, built in 1999, has 102 rooms and suites in three chalet-like buildings. It's cozy, sort of a nature-focused boutique hotel

The design is classic early 20th-century California Craftsman style, in harmony with national parks.

• Craftsman hallmarks are right-angled oak furniture; iron lamps; ample use of rough stone
• Vintage black-and-white photos in hallways and rooms give a wonderful sense of the Giant Sequoias' legendary status

Rooms & Suites at Wuksachi Lodge 

The 102 guest rooms at Wuksachi Lodge include rooms in three similar, two-storied buildings: Silliman, Sequoia and Stewart.

 Every room has views of mountains and towering trees.
• Rooms are in three categories: standard, deluxe, and superior 
• All are comfortable, done in classic, rustic park style
• Rooms have many conveniences:  Plenty of space for clothes and luggage, coffeemaker, shower and  bathtub.
• Wuksachi Lodge offers no gym, pool,  or spa. But most visitors come to hike in Sequoia National Park

Best Rooms & Suites at Wuksachi Lodge

Wuksachi Lodge's Superior Corner Rooms are its most gracious, with views in two directions.
• Superior rooms are actually suites, with an additional sitting area whose pullout couch and sliding door can turn it into a second bedroom
• Tip: if you don't want to overlook the parking lot, be specific when you book
• See all of Wuksachi Lodge's rooms

• In winter, the lodge's ski shop helps outfit guests for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing
• Spring brings wildflowers, horseback riding and fishing
• For some natural A/C in summer, guests can tour Crystal Cave, perpetually 48 degrees Fahrenheit

Location of Wuksachi Lodge in Sequoia National Park, California

Wuksachi Lodge is located in Sequoia National Park in the southern part of California's central Valley. It is set roughly between Fresno and Bakersfield, and due east.

The closest airport is Visalia Municipal Airport a hour away.

How Long Does It Take to Drive to Wuksachi Lodge?

• Four and a half hours from L.A. to a park entrance, and then another hour to the lodge
• Five hours from San Francisco to a park entrance, plus another hour to the lodge
• Four hours from Yosemite National Park (linking roads are usually closed in winter)
• All times are approximate

Wuksachi Lodge's Restaurant, The Peaks

Wuksachi Lodge's three-meals-a-day restaurant, The Peaks, is unpretentious and inviting. It serves "High Sierra cuisine" with mainy local ingredients.
• Like the rest of Wuksachi Lodge, The Peaks is done in natural rock and wood, with period park photos
• High ceilings and picture windows showcase spectacular Sierra Mountain views
• The Peaks diners can expect to taste this fertile valley's organic fruit, vegetables, and herbs; local hand-crafted chocolate, ice cream, and cheese; grass-fed beef; and more
• Sustainable seafood choices are approved by the Monterey Aquarium Seafood Watch list
• See The Peaks' dinner menu
• Wine, beer, and cocktails (including house martinis) are served
• Dietary preferences are happily accommodated

Where to Drink at Wuksachi Lodge

The lodge's bar offers mountain-themed drinks and conversation.
• All guests, whether they order alcohol or not, should remember to drink lots of water so the park's high altitude doesn't dehydrate you 

Is Wuksachi Lodge in Sequoia National Park Right for You?

The answer is probably yes, you will love Wuksachi Lodge if:
You love hiking, biking, or simply admiring the views in glorious places
• You love the great outdoors, but you want to sleep indoors 
• Your idea of a romantic getaway is exploring the Sierras together and then sharing Champagne over a forest sunset
• You like being amongst international guests
• You appreciate U.S. National Parks and their helpful park rangers
• To you, a good definition of "upscale" isn being around some of Earth's tallest and oldest living things, Giant Sequoia Redwoods

The answer is probably no, Wuksachi Lodge might not be your style if:
• You expect silken, five-star hotel luxury, even in the woods
• You demand a hotel gym (Wuksachi Lodge's fitness facility is the great outdoors)
• You travel with your pet (not allowed here)
• You're altitude-sensitive (Wuksachi Lodge sits 7,200 feet high)
• You're looking for a hotel scene, not for scenery
• You're traveling with pets; Wuksachi Lodge does not observe a pet-friendly hotel policy

Connect with Wuksachi Lodge in Sequoia National Park

Wuksachi Lodge website
Facebook page
• By phone 866.807.3598
• Sequoia National Park photos on Pinterest
• Sequoia National Park website

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