Would You RV in a Treehouse?

Are you brave enough to hide high in an RV treehouse?

RV treehouse
Benedetto Bufalino

RVers has been known to do some pretty crazy things with their rides. It could be the vintage trailer at the RV park with a white picket fence and flowers on the windowsill or it could be the Airstream trailer that’s decked out with the latest in cutting-edge technology.

If it can be done on RVs, many people have already tried it. For one French artist, it’s more about trying to reach the heavens. 

RVing in a Treehouse? Treehouse in an RV?

That was the thought of French artist Bufalino Benedetto, who knows his way around both caravans and scissor lifts. Benedetto’s head-turning work of art has been dubbed, “La Caravane Dans la Siel” or “Caravan of the Sky,” and it isn’t too complex cut the ingenuity and thought process behind it was interesting.

The actual piece itself is a shelled-out travel trailer that has been attached to an industrial scissor lift and lifted high into the sky, hence it’s not so creative but informative title. The trailer itself gives reminders or vintage trailers like the Shasta so the combination of nostalgia plus some ingenuity makes for a pretty cool piece.

No matter what the piece is called, it has received a lot of attention, especially on the internet. Sites from Auto Revolution to one of our favorite sites, RoadTrippers have run stories on the creative endeavors and like us, have given positive feedback to the creator and his creation.

Some of these sites have likened it to a combination of a treehouse and RVing lifestyle, though no actual trees and involved. Unfortunately, the caravan of the sky is non-operable. You won’t find the trailer hoisted into the sky along with all its amenities, features, and furnishings, it is more fashion than function.

The thought behind Benedetto’s creation is straightforward along with the name, the artist gave his idea as:

“I wanted to propose my caravan dream. I wanted to propose a caravan to go into the sky, in the clouds, in the trees.”

From the looks of it, Benedetto has created that dream, the scissor lift holds the trailer at least thirty feet high, reaching and overtaking several nearby trees at some of the piece’s exhibitions. 

What Can You Expect From This RV Treehouse?

The presentation in itself is one of the best parts. The caravan of the sky starts off on the ground and then is lifted up while onlookers gaze on and marvel as the trailer inches and higher before finally topping out above trees, buildings and other nearby structures. 

This isn’t the first time the eccentric artist has had some fun with turning vehicles on their heads. Some of Benedetto’s other creations include a police car that’s been turned into a functioning chicken coop, a small sedan that was transformed into an urban planter and a small car that had its top chopped off so he could be turned into a functioning Jacuzzi. If it has, or had an engine, Benedetto likely has a fun idea for it. We’re hoping that some of his future works are also based on RVs so we can get better ideas of fun things that can be done with our favorite traveling companions with an engine.

While Benedetto seems to be more artist than RVer, it is not the first and not the last time we will see some interesting things done with RVs. The caravan of the sky piece will inspire Benedetto to try some RVing himself. Who knows, Benedetto could end designing a functional RV that can be lifted into the skies to give RVers the best view at the park no matter where their spot is located.

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