These US Airports Are the Worst for Summer Flight Delays

You might want to avoid flying out of these cities on your next summer getaway


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This summer, the hottest accessory in travel is patience. With flight delays and cancellations wreaking havoc in the skies, all travel schedules are subject to change, and that recommended two hour arrival time before your domestic flight may no longer cut it.

So what's a traveler to do? Thanks to a recent analysis using information provided by air travel rights company AirHelp and flight tracking provider OAG, there may be a way to know which airports will be more problematic than others in the coming months.

Combining a 2021 breakdown of schedule disruptions across US airports operating at least 100,000 flights annually with 2022 departure and cancellation rates, the analysis breaks down the airports that travelers should make an effort to avoid. These are the airports to be wary of when booking your next domestic getaway.

Newark Liberty International Airport

Newark Airport

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New Jersey's Newark Liberty International Airport clocked in with an on-time departure rate of just 57 percent in May 2022, and a cancellation rate of 5.7 percent for May overall. With the airport operating approximately 18,000 flights that month, almost 1,000 flights were delayed within the span of just four weeks.

Denver International Airport

Denver Airport

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Denver International Airport didn't have as many cancellations as others with a reasonable cancellation rate of just 1.4 percent in May 2022 for one of the country's busiest hubs. However, flights from Denver were on-time only 75 percent of the time that month, meaning that travelers departing from the Mile High City should probably head to the airport with a book.

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport

Fort Lauderdale Airport

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Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International may not be the best choice for travelers flying out of South Florida. The airport posted an on-time departure rate of just 70 percent in May 2022, as well as a two percent cancellation rate for just over 10,000 flights that month.

Harry Reid International Airport

Harry Reid International Airport

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They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas—and travelers might have to stay in Las Vegas, too, after their flights from this airport get delayed. The airport has been struggling as of late, with a May 2022 on-time departure rate of 70.8 percent.

Orlando International Airport

Orlando Airport

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With a low on-time departure rate of just 69.7 percent in May 2022, travelers flying out of Orlando International Airport may find their Walt Disney World getaways extended whether they like it or not. The Central Florida airport, a gateway to many of the country's most popular theme parks, has been grappling with massive delays over the last month—just in time for prime family travel season.

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