7 of the Worst Places to RV

Unless you're up for a real adventure, you might want to avoid these

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Our nation is full of amazing sights, wonders, natural spectacles, charming towns and other great fodder for RV travel. Unfortunately, our nation is also home to some let’s say, unsavory places.

We talk a lot about great places to visit but let’s try something new and explore places that might not be the best idea to RV to. Here are seven of the worst places to RV.

7 of the Worst Places to RV 

Pro Tip: Most places you travel to become what you make of them. This list is meant to give an idea to people of places that may not be suitable for some or most RVers. 

Death Valley National Park: California and Nevada 

Death Valley is named for a reason. Scorching heat pummels the landscape the majority of the year and it’s not too uncommon to see temperatures soar above 110 for days in a row. Not only do high temperatures make this a hostile destination for RVers but so do lack of amenities. You won’t be pampered with a full-service site when you visit Death Valley National Park, there are a few National Park sites that have electrical hookups but good luck on keeping your AC unit from working itself to death.

The dunes and scrubby brush do create a surreal and eerie landscape at Death Valley but only try this park out if you are prepared for the harsh conditions. 

Los Angeles Highways: California 

If you’re a regular there’s no doubt that you will have to contend with heavy traffic from time to time but Los Angeles takes the cake. Honolulu has the worst traffic in the US but on the mainland LA. is the king of bumper to bumper with the average driver wasting 56 hours on LA highways according to Forbes.com This traffic can be a pain in the butt by itself but throw in trying to navigate these congested lanes in a big RV and things are even worse. If you’re in California try to find smaller alternate routes, they may seem out of the way at first but a detour is much better than sitting on the 101 for hours.


Everglades National Park: Florida 

Don’t get me wrong, this is a fantastic National Park home to some great wildlife viewing, some fun on the water and beautiful sunsets, but Everglades is also home to millions if not billions of mosquitoes. In the summer, especially early in the day and late in the afternoon, mosquitoes come out in swarms to suck blood from anything that breathes, including you. Mix in the high humidity and heat of summer in Florida with the relentless mosquitoes and other biting insects and a fun RV trip can turn miserable.

Consider trying Everglades during the early spring, late fall or even winter. 

Lake Havasu: Arizona 

Lake Havasu was created during the creation of Parker Dam on the Colorado River. Its deep blue waters snaking through the landscape are pretty, except on spring break. Every spring break Lake Havasu is swarmed by thousands of college students who only want to party. They clog up streets, boating areas, hotels, parks and more, including RV amenities. Lake Havasu is a great place to visit most of the year, I would just keep my distance from Arizona during spring break. 

New York City: New York 

Now I’m not saying that New York City is a bad place to visit, not at all. New York City is loaded with some incredible sights, awesome tourist destinations, and fantastic culture. This list is actually some of the worst places to RV and attempting to RV into New York City is generally a bad idea. Legendary traffic jams, narrow streets, and hazards everywhere make the Big Apple a pretty hard place to navigate your rig. Never fear, if you want to see the big city and take your RV along with you, there are some RV park options close to the city.


Interstate 10: Arizona

Arizona’s I-10, particularly the 150-mile stretch from Phoenix to the border of California is a popular route for RVers looking to cross portions of the southwestern US. But beware, this stretch of highway is often cited as one of the most dangerous in the United States, accounting for 85 deaths in one year. This is because the highway’s wide expanse leads to fast and aggressive driving, distracted driving, and illegal passing. Try to use an alternate route if possible when making your way across this area.


Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve: Alaska 

Just by reading the title you can tell that this National Park might not be the most welcoming of places. Even the city of Coldfoot, Alaska hints at the bitter cold in their own name. Cold isn’t the only reason that Gates of the Arctic made our list. You also have poor access, no trails, no campsites almost no RV amenities, no roads and months of darkness. You do have summer at the park, but this area is still much under Mother Nature’s control with hungry predators on the prowl during the summer.

Unless you know what you’re doing, we wouldn’t suggest Gates of the Arctic

Again, any RVing experience can be fun or awful depending on your attitude or approach. Most of us don’t like terrible traffic and bitter cold. Steer clear of these destinations if you aren’t ready to put in the effort to enjoy them.