What Are the Worst Neighborhoods in Jacksonville?

Jacksonville Downtown Waterfront
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In many ways, what constitutes a "bad" neighborhood is in the eye of the beholder. For example, some may dread hustle, bustle and traffic in highly populated neighborhoods, and vice versa. There remains one standard to use when determining a "bad" neighborhood that never fails: its crime rate.

Safety should be of utmost concern to any Jacksonville resident. There haven't been many studies done to determine neighborhood-specific crime rates, but there have been a few.

In 2010, First Coast News set out to find Jacksonville's most dangerous neighborhood, analyzing crime data gathered from the JSO.

According to the results of their investigation, the most dangerous area in Jacksonville is located on Jacksonville's Northside, right around the 1000 block of Kings Rd. This area is near Edward Waters College.

Another study listing the most dangerous neighborhoods in America found different results. According to DailyFinance.com's study, the area between Broad St. and Beaver St. (between Jacksonville's downtown and Springfield), is the fourth most dangerous "Neighborhood" -- not just in Jacksonville, but in all of America.

After browsing through local message boards and forums, I've found that that predominant belief for Jacksonville residents is that the majority of the Northside and Westside is crime ridden. This, according to data, is simply not true. All areas of Jacksonville, whether it be the Southside, Arlington, Mandarin or the Intracoastal area, have pockets of crime-infested areas -- certain blocks in all areas of the city simply have high crime rates.

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