The World's Most Expensive Ice Cream . . . and Other Ridiculous Foods

Winter 2015 popped up plenty of ridiculous foods, topping even the pumpkin spiced obsession from Fall 2014.  In winter 2015, diners across the world were able to try the world's most expensive ice cream, a bacon wrapped pizza, an edible coffee cup, and bakeable cheesecake KitKats.

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World's Most Expensive Ice Cream

Scoopi Cafe

Scoopi Cafe in Dubai unveiled the world's most expensive ice cream at $817 USD per scoop.  The Black Diamond ice cream sounds as ridiculous as the price:  expensive Iranian saffron, shaved black truffle, and a hearty helping of 23 carat edible gold leaf top a Madgascar vanilla bean ice cream.  The ice cream comes in a Versace bowl and spoon that the diner can take home.  Honestly, the combination of saffron, truffle, and gold on ice cream does not sound appetizing.  I'd rather stick with my bowl of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia.

Location: Scoopi Cafe, Jumeirah Road, Dubai

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KFC's Edible Coffee Cup


Named for the word "scoff," which in British English means to both drink and eat, KFC's Scoff-ee Cup is a cup made of cookies and lined with "a layer of heat-resistant white chocolate to keep the coffee hot and the cup crispy."  The entire cup is then wrapped in a paper made of sugar with the Seattle's Best logo on it.  As the white chocolate melts, the cookie cup softens, making it easier to eat.  Aside from the obvious question of who really buys coffee at KFC, the most perplexing part of the project is that the cup smells like grass, coconut sun cream, and wild flowers.  

Location: In KFC stores across the United Kingdom

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Mini Bakeable Kit Kats

Nestle KitKat

 As if I needed another reason to want to pack it all up and move directly to Japan, the country of the black hamburger has come out with mini bakeable KitKats in cheesecake flavor.  These things sound so delicious that I really want to hop on the next flight to Japan just to find them in the grocery store.  Simply remove the KitKat bars from the pouch, place them on a sheet pan, and let them bake in a toaster oven for around 2 minutes.  The KitKat bars come out toasted and brown and crisp with a lovely gooey mixture of cheesecake and chocolate inside.  Read the RocketNews24's full news report on the bakeable KitKats here.  

Location: Grocery stores all across Japan.

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Little Caesar's Bacon Wrapped Deep Dish Pizza

Little Caesars

In a testament to American gluttony, Little Caesar's has wrapped a deep dish pizza with 3 1/2 feet of bacon.  Yes, you read that correctly:  Little Caesar's has taken an already artery-clogging deep dish pizza and added a few hundred more calories.  A slice of bacon-wrapped pizza clocks in at 450 calories, but critics say that the bacon prevents the cheese from forming a crust at the edges which is the best part of the deep dish pizza.  

Location: At Little Caesar's locations across the United States

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