The World's Most Amazing Co-Working Spaces

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Split, Croatia
Robert Schrader

As technology advances, and more people are able to reap the benefits of remote work, the line between work and vacation becomes blurred. In the past, for example, you might take a trip for business travel, having only the time on the plane and in the hotel room to yourself (if you're lucky); otherwise, you were stuck at home (and in the office!) until you had enough annual leave to go on vacation.

These days, however, with internet everywhere and fewer people with a physical necessity to be in their workplace, many professionals across all industries are working on the road, around the country and even around the world. Below, you'll find some of the most amazing "co-working" spaces in the world, where digital nomads convene to get the job done.

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    WIP Coworking in Split, Croatia

    WIP Coworking
    WIP Coworking

    If you ever considered applying to be a Lonely Planet writer (guilty!), you might remember how the ad featured a man using his laptop on the beach. The good news about WIP Coworking, located in sunny Split, Croatia along the Adriatic Sea, is that you won't have to get any sand in your laptop.

    An air-conditioned building with plentiful plugs and Wi-Fi, WIP (an abbreviation for "Work in Progress") offers beautiful views of the beach (and easy access—it's literally one minute by foot) and is just 15 minutes by taxi from the historical center of split, where you can catch a boat to any of Croatia's fabulous islands.

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    The SF Vault in San Francisco, CA

    SF Vault
    The SF Vault

    San Francisco is a startup hub and, arguably, one of the birthplaces of remote working, so in theory, this entire list could be about cool co-working spaces in the City by the Bay. But it's not, and if there's one San Francisco co-working space that stands out, it's The SF Vault, located in Jackson Square.

    A self-described upscale den of creativity, The SF Vault allows you to sip craft cocktails while you type or play foosball while you think, with valuable workshops going on and knowledgeable mentors roaming the whole while.

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    Nomads & Co in Johannesburg, South Africa

    Nomads & Co
    Nomads & Co

    Once known mostly for its pollution and crime, Johannesburg is experiencing a renaissance, now becoming famous for local art, cafés and the entrepreneurial spirit of its citizens.

    Johannesburg also happens to be the economic hub of Africa, and a great starting point for exploring the continent—why not stop in at Nomads & Co, the city's most convenient and well-appointed co-working spaces? Brilliantly decorated and popular among Johannesburg's best and brightest, it's a great place to tap into the energy of one of tomorrow's great global cities.

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    the Hive in Bangkok, Thailand

    the Hive Bangkok
    the Hive

    Just as Johannesburg is the de-facto hub of Africa, Bangkok is the hub of Southeast Asia, arguably for business and certainly for travelers. To be sure, the Hive buzzes with creativity of not only the best minds of Bangkok but professionals from all over the world.

    The best part about the Hive? It's located in Thong Lo, which is only a few stops away from the center of Bangkok via the BTS SkyTrain system but is far enough from the station exit that you need to take a motorbike taxi to get there quickly. Think of it as a cultural initiation!

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    Journey Coworking in Austin, TX

    atx Factory
    atx Factory

    Journey Coworking has it all: A full bar; a friendly (and talkative and always-there) owner and a food truck that sells gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches right out front. And, although it's technically in hip East Austin, it's far enough away from the heart of it that it feels quiet and secluded, but close enough that it's only a five-minute drive down East Cesar Chavez Street from downtown.

    No matter what brings you to the Texas capital, or what industry you work in, getting your work done at Journey not only keeps co-working weird—it keeps it awesome!

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