You Can Take the World's Longest Bus Ride from Delhi to London Next Year

The 70-day trek travels through 18 countries across Asia and Europe

Sunset at Rashtrapati Bhavan, India.
Kriangkrai Thitimakorn / Getty Images

With flying taking a spot on the back burner this year, it’s no wonder we’ve seen a boom in overland travel, from road trips in RVs to cross-country train rides. But the most impressive land-based journey we’ve stumbled upon is a brand new 12,500-mile bus route between Delhi to London.

Operated by Adventures Overland, a tour company based in Gurugram, India, the Bus to London expedition will depart from Delhi in May and travel through 18 countries over 70 days en route to its final destination: London. The journey will be leisurely, taking a meandering route that brings passengers to the temples of Southeast Asia, the Great Wall of China, the Silk Road Central Asia, and thriving metropolises across Europe, too. In August, it’ll follow the same route in reverse.

The journey is a nod back to the middle of the 20th century when bus routes from Europe to Asia were somewhat common. “Before it all began, and India gained the attention of the Western tourist seeking a slice of ‘oriental mysticism,’ there were two kinds of overland travelers on these routes—those who took organized bus tours like Indiaman, Albert, Silver Express, etc., and then there was the Hippie Trail,” writes Adventures Overland in a brochure for the trip. “Hordes of young men and women packed themselves in ‘magic buses’ and traveled overland from Europe to Asia, in search of ‘enlightenment.’”

The Bus to London journey, however, is a luxury experience—the entire trip will cost $20,000, though it does include hotel stays, meals (sans alcoholic beverages), visa fees, guided tours, and some entrance fees to sights and attractions, not to mention transportation via a coach bus with business-class-style seats, personal entertainment systems, WiFi, and USB ports for charging.

If you’re looking to book the full journey in either direction, there are only 20 seats available, though there are extra seats available for each of the trip’s four segments, which range from 12 to 21 nights and can be booked independently.

Adventures Overland has long been in the business of driving journeys, and it has operated the Delhi to London route since 2017—but only in self-driving caravans. The Bus to London experience will be the company’s first tour in a coach.

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