Worlds End State Park: The Complete Guide

Worlds End State Park
Mountains and Worlds End State Park.

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Worlds End State Park

82 Cabin Bridge Rd, Forksville, PA 18616, USA
Phone +1 888-727-2757

Thanks to its memorable moniker, Worlds End State Park attracts many visitors from far and wide. Most likely coined by early settlers who admired the scenic views at Worlds End Vista, this beautiful state park is nestled in the remote Loyalsock Creek Valley, around 3.5 hours from both New York City and Philadelphia. When visiting this picturesque region of the Keystone state, you will be treated to incredible views of the Endless Mountain range that’s overflowing with natural beauty.

World’s End State Park was sparsely inhabited by residents until the late 1800s, who used two narrow horse trails to access a few small towns in the area. However, in the early 19th century, the area became popular with the logging industry, and many acres of forest were cut down and used for lumber. This neglected land resulted in fires and floods throughout the region.

The area started to become reinvigorated in the late 1920s when the United States Department of Forests and Waters started to purchase land to transform into state parks. Later, in 1933, the Civilian Conservation Act inspired the development of this park’s facilities. Today, this splendidly secluded rugged area is open to visitors every day of the year and home to challenging hiking trails, trout fishing, hunting, and many other outdoor activities throughout the year.

Things to Do

Although most are geared more toward the experienced hiker or boater, Worlds End State Park offers plenty of outdoor activities. You can admire the scenery, swim, or have a picnic, but be prepared for serious wilderness if you decide to hike or explore here. There is one designated swimming area at the dam on Loyalsock Creek. You can take a dip in the cold mountain water here from Memorial Day until Labor Day every summer.

This park offers several separate shaded picnic pavilions, and guests are encouraged to reserve a spot in advance. The park also offers other nearby tables that are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The picnic grounds here are near the swimming area and feature a playground, snack bar, and restrooms.

Best Hikes & Trails

With over 20 miles of rugged hiking trails, Worlds End State Park offers meandering narrow pathways, steep inclines, and densely wooded walkways—so this area is best for the experienced hiker. Outdoor enthusiasts who love a challenge can enjoy many trails.

  • Canyon Vista Trail: This is a four-mile loop that features difficult terrain with stunning views and rock mazes.
  • Double Run Nature Trail: For more of a challenge, this short loop has steep sections along a trail filled with waterfalls and wildflowers.
  • Worlds End Trail: This a steep 3.2-mile hike that ascends into the forest and leads to the Worlds End Vista, overlooking the park’s beach.
  • Loyalsock Trail: For ambitious hikers, this 59-mile trail travels through multiple state parks along old logging roads and abandoned railroads. Detailed information can be found on the local Alpine Club website.

Water Sports

If you are experienced on the water, this park offers some spectacular rafting opportunities with fast-moving water. The best whitewater rafting is in the springtime, between March and May, and boat registration and launch permits are required, so be sure to visit the website for details about boat launch locations and updates. The conditions here are known to fluctuate drastically and can be treacherous, depending on the area. Kayakers are encouraged to check in with the visitor’s center before arriving at the park. Open canoes are not allowed in this area, as the water is too dangerous.

Hunting & Fishing

You can train dogs, hunt, and trap at Worlds End State Park during specific seasonal timeframes. The park’s most popular animals are turkey, deer, bear, squirrel, and grouse. Hunting woodchucks (aka groundhogs) is prohibited, and you should be sure to visit the official Pennsylvania Game Commission for hunting rules and regulations before planning a hunting trip here. The park also offers a great opportunity for fishing throughout the year on Loyalsock Creek, as the mountain water is stocked with trout annually. Fishing here offers a fun experience for all ages! You can obtain a fishing license and learn about the fishing rules and regulations through the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.

Where to Camp

Worlds End State Park is a great place to set up camp and explore northern Pennsylvania's beauty. There is just one campground that is ADA-accessible and offers 70 tent and trailer sites, half of which are equipped with electric hookups. It's located along Route 54 near the park office and offers amenities like running water, warm showers, and flushing toilets nearby, as well as a sanitary dumping station for emptying holding tanks, as needed. Campers who wish to stay overnight (or longer) should request a reservation in advance online on the park’s website.

Where to Stay Nearby

If you wish to stay here year-round, World’s End State Park offers 19 rustic but decently-equipped cabins available for rent. They require a one-week minimum stay in summer and a two-night stay during the off-seasons. The cabins are very basic but include a refrigerator, stove, table, chairs, beds, and a fireplace “insert.” Regarding facilities, there are restrooms and three showers with warm water nearby, as well as recycling bins. When you stay here, you must be self-sufficient. Guests are required to bring linens, dishes, food, and anything they may need. Surrounding the park, there are also a few inns and lodges in the nearby towns of Forksville, Laporte, and Eagle Mere.

  • Eagles Mere Inn: This historic hotel is nestled in a charming village and every stay comes with a free pass to enjoy the Eagles Mere Lake and borrow the inn's bikes and kayaks.
  • Cherry Mills Lodge: This 19th-century bed and breakfast in Dushore overlooks the well-stocked trout creek and offers a variety of suites, many of which have fireplaces. All rooms have air-conditioning and private bathrooms. Breakfast is included.
  • The Pavilion at the Park: This Victorian-style hotel has four guest rooms, and three large suites with private decks. Located in the village of Laporte, near local restaurants and shops.

How to Get There

In northeastern Pennsylvania and surrounded by major highways, there are many ways to get to World's End State Park which is accessible by PA-42. From Philadelphia, you can travel north on the I-476 and then east on PA-118, passing Scranton along the way, and from New York City, you can stay on I-80. From Williamsport, you can also travel east PA-87 and approach the park from the north, passing through Forksville.


Visitors with disabilities can enjoy some of the park's attractions like the campsites, cabins, and the Loyalsock Canyon lookout, but there are no wheel-chair accessible trails in the park.

Tips for Your Visit

  • Pets are allowed only in designated areas.
  • The campground is not open in the winter.
  • Check-in at the visitors center to see if there are any educational or recreational programs on offer, such as guided hikes or visitor activities.
  • The snack bar is open from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend.
  • Smoking is prohibited on the beach, but there are designated smoking areas.
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Worlds End State Park: The Complete Guide