World Trade Center Photos

World Trade Center Twin Towers and the New York City Skyline before the 9/11 terrorist attack

Jeff Greenberg/Photolibrary Collection/Getty Images

We all took them for granted as a permanent part of the Manhattan skyline. Now the Twin Towers are gone.
It's still hard to accept, especially for those of us who worked in the World Trade Center or have happy memories of visiting for a meal at Windows on the World, a view from the World Trade Center Observatory, or even a mundane errand in one of the shops in the World Trade Center Concourse.
These photos are for everyone who likes to remember the glory days of the World Trade Center -- a landmark that some called ugly, but that was nonetheless a huge part of daily life in Manhattan for more than 30 years. Find events to mark the 10th anniversary of 9/11 in New York City.
Visit the September 11th Memorial in Lower Manhattan.

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New York Skyline with Twin Towers

Here's what the Manhattan skyline used to look like.

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Twin Towers Skyline at Night

twin towers manhattan skyline at night
Jayson Hawley

The Twin Towers helped the Manhattan skyline sparkle a little brighter every night.

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Looking Up from the World Trade Center Plaza

Jan Erik Hoffman

This was the view from the World Trade Center Plaza, where hundreds of Twin Towers workers and tourists enjoyed lunch on nice days.
The centerpiece of the World Trade Center Plaza was The Sphere, a metallic sculpture by artist Fritz Koenig. The Sphere survived the 9/11 attacks with little damage and the sculpture is now located in Battery Park.

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World Trade Center Lobby

Tom Wallace

I walked through this lobby every day for years and rarely paid attention or imagined that I would one day struggle to be able to imagine it again.Millions of other New Yorkers and visitors from around the world also passed through the World Trade Center lobby.

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Commuters on the World Trade Center Concourse

Jayson Hawley

The World Trade Center Concourse connected Tower 1 and Tower 2. Here you could find shopping (a big Borders store, clothing, music, and more), eateries for a quick lunchtime bite, and bank branches and other daily errand destinations.The World Trade Center Concourse was also the entrance to the PATH station for commuting to and from New Jersey.

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World Trade Center Concourse Map

World Trade Center Concourse Map
World Trade Center

This map of the World Trade Center Concourse may bring back memories of daily life when the World Trade Center was just another New York office building and shopping center. Expand the image to see the layout of the specific stores and other businesses.

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Inside the World Trade Center Observatory

James Rosenberger

The World Trade Center Observatory on the 107th floor of Tower 2 was a favorite destination for tourists from around the world. The view was spectacular.

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Looking Down from the Top of the World Trade Center

James Rosenberger

In the World Trade Center Observatory, you could sit in front of the wall of glass and gaze straight out at a bird's eye view of New York City.

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Dining at Windows on the World

Sebastien Des Sens

Windows on the World was one of the most famous restaurants in New York City. The award-winning cuisine and superior wine list were secondary attractions -- the spectacular view is what most Windows on the World visitors remember.

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The World Trade Center Plaza in 1978

This photo captures the World Trade Center Plaza as it appeared in 1978. The World Trade Center transformed Lower Manhattan and the neighborhood has had to rebuild in the wake of the destruction of its most famous landmark.

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The World Trade Center Tribute in Light

tribute in light world trade center
Juergen Berkessel

On the anniversary of September 11, 2001, the Tribute in Light illuminates the sky above the former site of the World Trade Center.

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