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The World International Vacation Club is the best place for adventurers who are ready to travel and take a vacation. Their extensive list of exotic resorts include Alcapulco at Mar Azul and Cancun at the Coral Mar. Other destinations include Puerto Vallarta, Rosarito Beach and Spain. Domestic escapes include cozy Colorado and the Magic Tree Resort in Florida. However, this is where the list ends.
There is no specific information about how their club works, though a quick glance through the FAQ section does offer some clues. It would appear that members of the club have annual dues to pay.
Seasonal membership owners are limited to making reservations for international destinations between November 1 and April 30. Colorado vacationers can reserve between April 15 and June 15 as well as between September 15 and December 15. In short, the flexibility is greatly limited.
On the bright side, members can rent their timeshare to others. They would simply have to make changes to the name reserved at the resort. However, this falls on the individual and not on the company. Discrepancies may occur with this method and the company does not appear to make any statements about being responsible for any mix ups.
It would appear that each year, members are given an additional week to use for vacation reservations and when a reservation is made, a week is subtracted from members' accounts.
Members can make exchanges with their time allotted with other affiliate companies such as Interval International, Resort Condominiums International, Dial An Exchange, Alderwood Advantage or WIVC's Direct Exchange Program. Be forewarned: in order to make exchanges with certain companies, a higher membership level is required. Also, regardless of which company members use, an exchange fee is required. There is no indication as to whether World International Vacation Club covers these fees.
World International Vacation Club offers basic units at its vacation resorts. Each location has basic one or two bedroom accommodations. Some locations have full kitchens but not all. Even though the website indicates that each unit is "tastefully furnished" there are no pictures to back up this claim.<br/>Members of the club should make note that the company does not offer any free or discounted transportation. In other words, once you arrive at your destination, you are likely on your own unless you pay extra money on top of your annual membership fee. Also, there is no indication about whether customer service is available 24/7.
Overall, this site is a good resource to use if you have specific destinations in your destination plans. The website design is old fashioned, compared to today's standards, but it does have more information.


World International Vacation Club was formed in 1983 for the purpose of establishing and operating a multi-location vacation ownership membership program.
Under the WIVC program, Club is responsible for the operation, management, maintenance and control of all apartment/hotel/condominium dwelling units which have been dedicated to the WIVC Program in nine (9) destination resort projects located in Mexico, Spain and Colorado.
Title to the vacation ownership units in the existing projects located in Mexico has been conveyed to a Mexican bank which acts as trustee for the benefit of the Club subject to certain trust agreements.
Title to the vacation ownership units in the existing projects located in Spain and Colorado is held by the Club.
The Club has a Board of Directors consisting of five members, each serving a two-year term, with at least two Directors being elected at the members' annual meeting in April of each year.
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