Wording for a Vow Renewal

Language for the Couple to Use at a Vow Renewal

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How do you find the words to express your enduring love to your life partner when you renew your vows in public? Vow renewal language can be sweet, sentimental, serious and even funny in spots.

At some vow renewals, the wording can be provided by the officiant, whether a member of the clergy or an articulate relative or family friend. At others, the couple supplies their own. Since a vow renewal is not a legally binding event, the language can reflect your personality and creativity. No specific wording is required during a vow renewal and you are free to customize the language — as well as the ceremony — as you like.

How to Start Writing Your Vow Renewal

Set aside quiet time to be alone with your thoughts. If it's not quiet at home, visit your local library or a coffee shop with your laptop or pen and pad. The words might not come to your right away, but there are ways to get them to start flowing. The wording of a vow renewal can be as lengthy or as short as a couple prefers. 

Think back upon the years you've spent with one another. What were the highlights, and the times that meant the most to you? You may want to acknowledge your children and other accomplishments of your marriage, along with mentioning milestones and triumphs of your bond.

One helpful hack is to make a list, starting with the year you first met. Not everyone at your gathering may know that story, and this is a good time to share it. Provide details: How old were you? What season was it? How did you spend the time together. What were your first impressions? Do you remember what you were both wearing and where did you go on your first date? What first attracted you to your spouse?

Then move on to the next milestone you reached together. Is there a funny or poignant story to tell about when you got engaged? If you keep it short and to the point, you will keep your audience enthralled.

The language in your vow renewal should reflect the life you've lived together and your feelings for one another. It's okay to be sentimental, and even mushy, if that's the way you feel about your partner. 

Find Inspiration from Others' Words

Your words don't have to be original as long as they are heartfelt. Inspiration abounds, in books of love poetry and famous and insightful quotations on a range of topics that can reflect your emotions:

If you don't find words that appeal in those quotations, perhaps they don't quite capture the spirit of your marriage. Couples who live to laugh might find ideas in these humorous quotes. Perhaps citing the pleasure of a shared hobby or pastime can bring your words to life. For example, couples who've spent time together exploring the world might want to incorporate a quote on travel.

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Sample Vow Renewal Language

If you get stuck devising your own wording for a vow renewal, you may find it helpful to use the following sample as a foundation. Do customize it as you see fit.

[insert partner's first name],
I stand once again before you
To renew our vows of marriage.
I promise to remain strong in my love,
Gentle in my care,
And unwavering in my trust.

In the name of all we have created together
And all we are yet to become,
I offer you my hand
And my heart
As your partner, your lover, and your lifetime companion.

After the Vow Renewal

Some couples take the words that they have spoken and convert them into a keepsake afterwards. The text can be calligraphed onto fine paper, inserted into a decorative frame, and proudly hung in your home in a place of honor.

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