Pictures of Woodstock, New York

A 'Hippies Always Welcome' sign sits in a window in Woodstock, New York.

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Famed for the Woodstock Music Festival (which took place in another New York county 50 miles southwest), the town of Woodstock, New York is a laid-back, bucolic, bohemian place that seems frozen in time.

In Woodstock, you still can see (aging) hippies, a store that only sells candles, and another that traffics in 40-year-old pictures of one-time resident Bob Dylan. No one blinks if you wear tie-dye—there's also a shop for that—but you would get an odd glance if you strolled around in a suit and tie.

A love of the arts (particularly folk and rock music), a fascination with Eastern religions, support for feminism and left-wing politics, a spirit of tolerance, and an appreciation of the outdoors also characterize Woodstock. These pictures focus on Woodstock attractions and include the colorful, fanciful shops and eateries that make it such a unique place to visit.

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Catskill Creek

Sunny day at Catskill Creek in New York.
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The maturely dissected plateaus of the Catskills (they're not technically mountains) around Woodstock feature many lush valleys fed by creeks and streams.

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Woodstock Festival Souvenirs

A souvenir shop sells goods as the 40th anniversary of the Woodstock music festival approaches in Woodstock, New York.
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Channel the 1960s with tie-dye T-shirts, Woodstock Festival posters, guitars, bumper stickers, pins, and other Woodstock souvenirs.

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Woodstock Playhouse

Olivia Bernard.

The Woodstock Playhouse is a seasonal community theater.

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Bearsville Theater

The Bearsville Theater is Woodstock, NY's top venue for live concerts. It is surrounded by some of the area's best restaurants.

Find out more about Woodstock's Bearsville Theater.

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Tannery Brook

Olivia Bernard.

Tannery Brook runs through Woodstock, a reminder of the region's history as a leather-tanning hub.

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Woodstock Flea Market

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Every weekend locals and tourists congregate at the Woodstock Flea Market.

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Woodstock Music

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A visit to the Woodstock Flea Market can be entertaining.

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Woodstock's Candlestock store exclusively sells candles and candle holders, some of which are impressive examples of candle makers' and sculptors' art.

Find out more about Candlestock.

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Another Woodstock institution, Loominus is a local workshop that creates buttery soft chenille scarves and clothing in exquisite color combinations.

Find out more about Loominus.

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Pegasus Footwear

Olivia Bernard.

Pegasus Footwear is another Woodstock NY institution. It specializes in shoes that are as stylish as they are comfortable.

Find out more about Pegasus Footwear online.

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Inside Pegasus Shoes

Olivia Bernard.

It's not a big store, or a fancy one. But Pegasus Shoes shods Woodstock residents.

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Anatolia Tribal Rugs & Weavings

No self-respecting bohemian can decorate his crib without a rug from an exotic destination.

Anatolia Tribal Rugs Weavings get underfoot in Woodstock, NY.

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Drummer Boy

Olivia Bernard.

Sidewalk vendor attempts to drum up business.

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Ashokan Reservoir

Olivia Bernard.

The vast Ashokan Reservoir near Woodstock, NY is one of several that provide fresh, clean, delicious-tasting water to the residents of New York City.

Find out more about the Ashokan Reservoir.

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