Canada's Wonderland


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Canada's Wonderland is Canada's largest and most popular theme park. In fact, it frequently boasts the highest attendance of any seasonal park in North America. Coasters are the park's main draw, and its impressive arsenal of thrill machines -- one of the largest in the world -- includes nearly every kind: flying, magnetic launched, suspended, wood, and inverted looping to name a few.

The Peanuts gang, including Snoopy and Charlie Brown, meet and greet children in the park and provide inspiration for some of the rides. The park offers plenty of shows as well, including stunt spectaculars and musicals.

The adjacent 20-acre Splash Works water park is included with admission and offers slides, a wave pool, interactive water play station, and a lazy river. Among the featured attractions is Barracuda Blaster, a funnel ride.

Featured Attractions

Huge assortment of coasters including Behemoth, an enormous hypercoaster, the themed Back Lot Stunt Coaster, the Time Warp flying coaster, Flight Deck, an inverted looping coaster, and the Mighty Canadian Minebuster wood coaster.

New at the Park

New in 2018: Lumberjack and Flying Canoes

  • Lumberjack is a thrilling swinging pendulum ride. Flying Canoes is a family ride where guests control how high above the water their canoes fly.

New in 2017: Soaring Timbers and Muskoka Plunge

  • Soring Timbers features two rotating gondolas which flip and swing riders through the air. Muskoka Plunge is a unique and thrilling water slide featuring free-fall capsules.

New in 2016: Flying Eagles and Skyhawk 

  • Flying Eagles is a Flying Scooter-like ride which passengers can pilot. On Skyhawk, riders will rise 135 feet in the air and pilot their own ride vehicles (including inversions).

New in 2015: Water Park additions

  • Splash Works got Typhoon, a water slide with some mini Tornado funnels as well as an interactive water play area, Splash Station.

New in 2014: Wonder Mountain's Guardian

  • The ambitious attraction sends passengers inside the park's iconic Wonder Mountain for an interactive battle with dragons. Armed with laser guns and 3D goggles, riders rack up points slaying the creatures that are projected onto enormous screens. It includes 4D effects and boasts Disney/Universal-like quality. The vehicles are coaster trains set aboard coaster track.

New in 2012: Leviathan

  • One of the world's tallest (306 feet!) and fastest (92mph!) coasters opened. The Giga-Coaster is the sweet 16th thrill machine at the park -- and what a doozy of a thrill machine.

Splash Works Water Park

The adjacent 20-acre Splash Works water park is included with admission to Canada's Wonderland.

Location and Phone

Admission Policy

Canada's Wonderland offers a number of admission options and prices including pay-one-price all-day passes, general grounds admission (no ride passes), and admission plus a sample of rides. Discount tickets are available for children and seniors. Splash Works water park is included with admission.


Highway 400, exit at Rutherford Rd. Paramount Canada's Wonderland is north of Toronto, about 10 minutes north of Highway 401.

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