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Reborn With Stoller Again Leading the Company

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The Women's Travel Group has been through several reincarnations over the years. It was first started by Phyllis Stoller, who wanted to travel, just not solo. The company was bought a few years ago, then stopped operating altogether. Now, The Women's Travel Group and Sita World Tours have announced: "Our former 'women's travel club' is back with its original staff, specializing in smart tours for women."

The Women's Travel Group offers adventure travel excursions, as well as trips to sophisticated cities and many exotic locales. The first trips to England and China were small but today the club has more than 1,000 members. These are women, some married others single, who range in age from 18 to their mid-80s. Most are looking to travel, but don't want to wait for their husbands, family, friends, or partners to join them. Instead, they connect with like-minded individuals on trips that hold an appeal to everyone who is a part of the group.


Usually, the itineraries are led by professional guides, and often times local individuals are asked to address the group to share their unique insights on a destination. Many of the trips include unique experiences that are difficult to find elsewhere, including visits to local homes, connecting with creative individuals, or attending a special event. 

Types of Trips

The company offers a variety of trips designed so women can enjoy adventurous experiences in exotic locales, culture and shopping oriented visits to sophisticated cities, and explore countries around the world. Every trip includes some experiences that are female-oriented, such as visiting a mosque with other women or evening walks in cities where a single female might not want to walk alone. Destinations include Europe, Mexico, India, Central America, Ethiopia, Iran, and more. The group even hosts special solo cruises designed just for the ladies too.


Pros and Cons

This is a popular route for single women hesitant to travel solo, and groups of women who want to travel together but prefer to buy a package instead of planning the details themselves. No surprise: the dynamics of an all-female group are significantly different than when men are part of the trip. As Stoller explains: "If you lose your money, feel ill or just need to share, women will be out there for women."

She is quick to point out that this is not a singles travel company, just one that caters specifically to women. What's the difference you ask? Singles travelers often set out with the idea of meeting someone else while on the road. In this case, the ladies that join The Women's Travel Group tours are simply looking to travel with other women only. 

The size of the group can vary greatly, but usually, it is between 10-15 women. Most departures are capped with a maximum of 20 individuals. This not only helps to keep the tour more organized, it allows everyone who is traveling as part of the group to get a chance to know one another over the course of their time together. It is this small attention to detail that keeps many of the ladies coming back for future trips as well. 

Contact Information

For more information, visit The Women's Travel Group.

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