Williamsburg Restaurant Guide: The Best Picks

Eating Your Way Through Williamsburg

This is your one-stop list of the best restaurants in Williamsburg, organized by category. No matter the occasion, find reviews and information here.

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Best All Around

Williamsburg is one of the best neighborhoods for foodies in Brooklyn. There's practically a new restaurant opening every single week. This is the list of the tried and true, the best restaurants in the neighborhood, perfect for both special occasions or a casual dinner out.  

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Best Brunch

Brunch is practically a competitive sport in Williamsburg, so you need to know your stuff. Here's a list of the best brunches throughout the neighborhood to suit your fancy, whether you're in the mood for booze, prix fixe, ethnic food, or hamburgers. Read up and take notes.

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Best Outdoor Restaurants

When Spring finally shows her face in New York, it's all about getting outdoors and out of hibernation. In other words, you need to know which restaurants have outdoor dining and whether or not it's worth the wait. In addition to the fact that these restaurants have patios or gardens, they also have excellent food. 

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Most Romantic Restaurants

It's date night and you have no idea where to go. Or even worse, Valentine's Day is looming and you aren't sure which restaurant will take a reservation. Whether you're looking for somewhere fun and casual or a fancy place to celebrate a big anniversary, these restaurants are the most romantic in Williamsburg.

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Best French Restaurants

These days in Brooklyn it seems like one hears French just about as much as one hears English - it's true, the French have invaded and they love New York. Here are some great restaurants (and one bar) that cater to Francophiles in need of sustenance. Think moules frites, bottles of rose, oysters, and omelets.

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Best Bar Food

Often there just isn't time to put a halt to socializing and drinking in order to eat. With these bars you won't even need to leave the premises: they have excellent food to fuel your night (or afternoon) of drinking. Who knows, you may love the food so much that you'll find yourself going to these bars for a meal.

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Best Restaurants Near the Williamsburg Bridge

If you are new to Williamsburg and want to get the full tourist experience, it's recommended to take the L Train to Bedford, walk all the way down the street, stop for a drink or two, and then get dinner at one of these restaurants. Afterwards, you can walk back into the city over the Williamsburg Bridge - all in all, a nice evening. The good news is some of Williamsburg's most famous restaurants are situated directly underneath the bridge.

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Best Healthy Restaurants

In New York, it's easy to overeat and indulge every day with the best restaurants at your fingertips. When this happens, you may find yourself craving something green. Luckily these restaurants are here to help, with the focus being healthy and delicious food. Think lots of salads, raw food, vegetarian and vegan, and locally farmed menus.

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Best Delivery Restaurants

Finally, there are times when you just don't want to leave your apartment. It's too cold, or too hot, or you're exhausted after a long week at work and just want to watch TV and prop your feet up. No worries. You can still get great food delivered right to your door: these are the best restaurants that deliver.

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