Winter Photo Opportunities in North Jersey

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    The Great Falls of Paterson

    Paterson Falls
    Peter Johansky/Getty Images

     A silver lining to the winter season is the chance to gaze at the beautiful landscapes created by all that snow. Now that you've shoveled your way out and the streets have been plowed, take a moment to enjoy some of the most stunning seasonal spots Northern New Jersey has to offer. No filters needed—these spots offer unique photo opportunities for even the most amateur photographer. Welcome to a winter wonderland!

    The Great Falls have played a historic role in the development of Paterson as an early American industrial center. Always an impressive sight, this towering waterfall is especially awe-inspiring when the water freezes mid-cascade if it gets cold enough during the winter (pictured here)72 McBride Avenue, Paterson

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    Lambert Castle

    Lambert Castle
    Jared Kofsky/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY SA 3.0

    Lambert Castle is located within the same park as the Great Falls, so while visiting be sure to make a stop at the castle and Museum, which sits atop Garrett Mountain. The facade of the castle is stunning—look for icicles adorning the stately exterior. The views (of Paterson, and in the distance, New York City) are epic from this vantage point. 3 Valley Road, Paterson 

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    Verona Park

    Verona Park
    Deborah Grushkin

    To capture a slice of everyday life, visit Verona Park after a significant snowfall.  A little snow never gets in the way of joggers, dog walkers, and everyday park goers, as seen here in the hearts drawn on the snow-covered bridge. During this particular visit, the lake was frozen. Don't attempt to skate, but a camera flash won't break the ice! The ducks seemed to have no problem traversing the icy lake. As seen here in another photo, the warm pinkish-hued sky behind the tree branches provides a stark, lovely contrast to the moodiness of the park in wintertime. Bloomfield Avenue and Lakeside Avenue, Verona

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    Eagle Rock Reservation Park

    Eagle Rock Reservation
    Deborah Grushkin

    One of the clearest shots of the New York City skyline can be seen from the grounds of the Eagle Rock Reservation Park, near Highlawn Pavilion. Ringed in snow, and not obscured by the leaves on the trees, winter is a great time to take photos here—particularly pretty during the sunset. The September 11th Memorial, a dignified tribute which honors New Jerseyans who died on September 11, 2001, is also located here. Crest Drive, West Orange


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    Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge

    Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge
    Dave Sagan/USFWS via Flickr / CC BY 2.0

    Not all animals hibernate during the winter! You're likely to spot some of the many bird varieties that call the Great Swamp Wildlife Refuge home. Some birds only come in the winter to rest on their migratory flights south. Marvel at all kinds of wildlife in this 7,800 acre National Park with a beautiful snowy backdrop. New Vernon

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    Newport Marina, Jersey City

    Newport Marina
    Leslie Parrott / Getty Images

    The Hudson River—any point along it—in its frozen glory, is a wonderful site to photograph in Winter. Pictured here, the Newport Marina after a storm. When the river freezes, wide chunks of ice float in it, giving it a cobblestone street vibe. Some of our favorite places to peep the Hudson include Castle Point (at Stevens Institute of Technology) and any waterfront park in Hoboken. 

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    Lakota Wolf Preserve

    Lakota Wolf Preserve
    My Shooting Gallery Photos / Flickr / CC BY NC 2.0

    A​ guided photography tour at the preserve will get you up close and personal with Arctic, Timber, and British Columbian wolves. Add some snow and you've got majestic, unobstructed photographs of these beautiful creatures. Good news: the fall and winter months are the best times to visit. 89 Mount Pleasant Road, Columbia